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40% off on Hostgator webhosting, limited time offer

Usually when there are limited time offers like this on Hostgator I get to know them quite early because I am subscribed to the lists of so many bloggers, but this time nobody sent me an email. I got to know of this offer from Rahul Banker of thecopypasteblog and thank him for the post. The last time Hostgator came up with such a fire cracker was when godaddy was doomed and I thought that nothing like that would happen again, but guess  I was wrong.

Reseller Hosting VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers by HostGator hostgator com 40% off on Hostgator webhosting, limited time offer

So unlike the usual offers of 25% discount which makes your hosting expenses upto $3.96 per month from $4.95 per month this time the discount is 40% which makes your effective bill per month at something like $2.97. So if you are purchasing hosting for 36 months you would be paying only $106.92 instead of  $178.2. Do not make the mistake that I made.

So has Hostgator gone crazy. No and yes. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary and giving us this great offer. Plus they have gone crazy and gifting random strangers free hosting from those who wish them on their facebook fan page and twitter handler.

Free WordPress setup:

Along with the Hostgator hosting I will help you set up your first wordpress website if you are uncomfortable with setting it up yourselves if you purchase hosting with this link.

Domain names at cheap price

The guys are giving away domain names for as low as $5 at hostgator but I wouldn’t suggest you going for that since if you search Godaddy promo on google you will get an $2.95 domain promo offer from Godaddy.


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