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5 reasons why should you get a Blogengage platinum account?

First of all there’s a sale going on and we have huge discount and freebies.

The reason may be that I am an active member of Blogengage, Brian sent me an email telling me that the people who I refer can get a Blogengage Platinum account for three whole months at the price of one. Now its a special offer available throughout the month of November after which it may be gone forever.

In the past I told you that I was participating in blogengage contest where the prizes were worth $500. Blogengage is not only an active community but also a place where you can a lot of money too. Moreover I will tell you five advantages of being at blogengage.

Free eBook from Brian

Brian the owner of blogengage gives you an SEO Marketing book all written by himself and if a person who runs such a large community writes about SEO then I believe that it has some substance.

Easyretweet and justretweet credits:

When you sign up for Blog Engage RSS Syndication you get 1,500 EasyRetweet credits and 1,500 JustRetweet credits. Last month I participated in the nopassiveincome contest where I won a justretweet account and credits worth $25. The immediate effect of joining justretweet was that I got exposure amongst a group of like minded people and the number of twitter followers increased from a mere 175 to over 220 after joining justretweet. Secondly you can use these free credits to promote your blog posts among the members getting a good response since we are talking about like minded people. People like Ileane of basicblogtips, buzzblogger are featured members on the site and if you decide to make further purchases then you too can show up making yourselves seem like a brand.

JustRetweet Twitter Retweets More Traffic Followers Retweet Tool www justretweet com main1 1024x488 5 reasons why should you get a Blogengage platinum account?

This is what I am talking about:

@GabeJohansson is offering 20 credits to retweet or like this message

How To Make Email Marketing Work For You (4 Tips To Success)

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Schedule Retweet

@koundeenya is offering 10 credits to retweet or like this message

Why should you choose your name as your blog’s name and why I chose it???

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JustRetweet www justretweet com feature 5 reasons why should you get a Blogengage platinum account?

And if you were to ever buy these credits yourself 

then see the cost. Only this one feature is worth the $9.99 you are spending but there’s more to come.

Your content shows up on blogengage homepage:

FireShot Screen Capture 048 Blog Engage Blog Traffic Blogging Community and Social Network www blogengage com 1024x412 5 reasons why should you get a Blogengage platinum account?


Now I need not be the one telling you about the importance of backlinks from a PR 4 blog community. Because of the sheer quality of this community and active participation the RSS feeds get a special link juice from Google. Members can vote for you articles and if its real gold the blogengage community ensures that you get noticed.

All of these things little by little makes you a brand. When you are seen everywhere people begin to take notice. There’s so much noise in the blogosphere these days that its hard to show yourselves up. But then Blogengage helps you do that.

I ran an experiment with one of my previous blogs which had its RSS feeds fed to, indiblogger and like blogging communities. Many time my content showed up on Google search because of their higher Page Rank but the ultimate benefit was to me.

AdSense Revenue Sharing Program:

This may not be that beneficial but then they do share a portion of the revenue from AdSense with you for the ads displayed on your articles.

Blogengage contests:

Brian is always up and running with the next contest as soon as one ends and some days from now the $1000 Blogengage contest will be live. You can not only win but also will be talked about the whole next year before every contest. What you need to do is write a good article and then promote it massively by engaging with other users. Comment, share, like and retweet other’s articles on blogengage and you will be the winner. Abhi Balani won 5 or 6 contests with the same trick

Call to action:

Now even when I have mentioned all the benefits of joining Blogengage not many among you will give it a second thought. Even I have committed this cardinal sin. This e mail came to me on november 1 and I waited this long to take an action. Friends the difference between those who have succeeded in a big a way and those who have failed in one word is “ Action”.

I wrote a post on how you can earn “ $200 per guest post”, but how many of you have taken action. I have taken action. In the past week I have written and submitted for review guest posts at Problogger, dailyblogtips and convinced Ileane of accepting my guest posts( she thought that I did not have good grammar). I don’t know whether you have seen but I added a contact us page, an about me page, a free ebook( I wrote it), joined mail chimp and put the subscription box here. I am getting my blog ready for all the traffic and sales by taking massive action.

Even if you do not join Blogengage as a member take an action to join the affiliate program and promote it. You will get a do follow backlink from and your post will be featured there.

3500 people received this email of a sale from Brian. Only 4 took action. Over to you.   


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  2. Very Cool! I think if you offer contests to your followers they will keep coming back. And you will gain even more followers! Great stuff man!

  3. Jennifer Cunningham

    What’s the difference between the $19.99 one time account and the 9.99 monthly account? Doesn’t mailchimp send your RSS feed?

    • The 9 dollar account is given at only blow out sales otherwise the price is 19 and rss syndication means that your blog posts will appear on Blogengage autmatically via RSS, it has nothing to do with mailchimp

  4. Hi there,

    Very interesting indeed. Still deciding if it is worth getting Blog Engage. Will see how it goes around then!

    Thanks for sharing.


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