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licorne aio

How to use Licorne AIO to build a perfect set of tier 1 links

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get reviews

How to get thousands of free reviews to your kindle book legally?

Hi guys if you have ever done any e book selling then you might have noticed that getting reviews is the toughest part.… more »

Wow now listen to music when you are swimming

Music is something that is very dear to all of us. It goes in the background while we do other things,provides a rhythm… more »

First giveaway on seekdefo: Win a Google Nexus 7 free

Our $1000 cash giveaway is going on but we thought that we can do still better and give you the chance to win… more »

How to get that gig, killer negotiation tips that land you the job

No matter how you hate it and there’s no better way to slice this thing- if you are a freelancer then you need… more »