Optimized content gets you many steps closer to an audience.

The question is how to optimize your content.

It starts with the headline

Most bloggers rely on their gut feeling when they have to craft a headline.

The good is you can create a headline in 2 minutes. The downside is these instant headlines dent your chance at standing out.

I did that for a long time.

The pivotal point was when I read headline advice from Jon Morrow.

You know the smart guy from SmartBlogger.

Then I chanced upon a free tool headline analyzer that does the heavy lifting for you.

Sound good?

Go to headline analyzer.

Key in your headline and then wait for the results.

Do it again and again until you get a score above 40.

Headline analyzer the emotional impact of your headline. Over time you may not even need a headline analyzer. With practice and some intuitiveness you could write powerful headlines on cue.

Research what gets most shares

Why go behind shares?

Shares help you identify trends.

What’s ticking for most people now?

But it doesn’t take a lot of hard work.

Only thing you’d need to do is snoop on the content that’s working really well for industry leaders.

If you go to Ahrefs and run a search for a site or a particular keyword, you get to see the most popular content on the topic or for the site.

By popular I mean content that got the most shares across channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN etc.

You could extend this to your own site. With Ahrefs you can discover what content piece is building traction and go on from there.


Don’t be content with shares alone

The fallacy with going for shares alone is just because some piece of writing was shared a lot doesn’t mean that it generated a lot of traffic.

You could check the backlinks it has gained to understand the traction but in most cases you need a trial and error system to check if content drives traffic or not.

Shareability is a factor but not the most important.

Traffic is key. I’d take traffic if I had to choose between social media shares and traffic every single time and so should you.


Lastly make it easy to share

Don’t make it too hard for people to share your content.

Hubspot did an experiment where they removed all social sharing buttons and readers copied the url directly on to their Facebook profiles to share the content.

Just because Hubspot, an industry leader, known for top-notch content did that, doesn’t mean that you’ll get away with it.

Floating social share buttons. Or buttons from SumoMe that look really slick are great social share options.

People can’t easily miss it and that’s why you should use them.


Content creation is just one part of the process. To ensure content gets before people it needs to be promoted as well.

Also keep in mind that only good content will survive in the long run.

You are in for the long haul aren’t you?