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Dukeo- The insanely awesome blog!

Dukeo is a site run by one of my most favourite bloggers Ste Kerwer. Though he is not as famous as John Chow I find his blog insanely awesome, much much better than all these blogs like John’s who take their readership for granted. Tell me when was the last time you had a practical “ DO IT NOW” kind of post on John Chow dot com.

In fact I landed on Dukeo searching about John Chow and have never left since.

The tag line says –“ Make Money with Dukeo” but then as I show you the posts appearing over at Dukeo then you will wonder what heck of a blog Dukeo is!

A fact about Dukeo which Ste mentions in his monthly traffic report is that Dukeo is an experiment to see whether a site starting out from scratch can build authority and get traffic in this age of cut throat competition.

Just have a look at the diversity of thoughts and titles that converge at Dukeo.

Some recent posts from Dukeo:

How Popular is Your Site?

How To Profit From Unused Domain Names?

How To Make Money Online Writing And Selling Your Own Rap Beats Or Song Music And Lyrics

What makes Dukeo an insanely awesome blog?

It seems that the man behind Dukeo Ste is an internet marketer with several years of experience under his belt which shows up in his creative, practical, DIY kind of blog posts. Ste looks at things from a different angle, a creative angle at that and leaves you breathless from what he has found.

One of the most popular post on his blog is one on bounce rate and Ste goes into detail comparing and contrasting why Facebook has a low bounce rate while landing pages suck at bounce rates!

Its a decent read!

Bounce rate- Everything you should know(6051 words)

Ste seems to be the master of creativity because a good majority of posts reflect one core idea which Ste himself puts it as

Most people don’t realize it but you can make money online doing just about anything you can think of. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity.

What do you think of this post which drips with and in creativity?

How To Make Money Starting A Local Restaurant Delivery Service Online

The post tells you how you can set up a website and deliver local favourites to people’s homes and make them love you for doing that.

Ste is a person of entrepreneurial spirits and here at India I have seen several start ups almost following this idea, some of them now million dollar companies.

An excerpt from the post-

Set up your site and put some relevant content on it. Articles about area restaurants and your delivery service are good for starters. You can also set up a page that includes information about your delivery fees. And you’ll definitely want to include at least one phone number so people can contact you to set up their food deliveries.

Some other ideas which happen at Ste’s genius make me think—-

Is it even possible?

Like the post which details how you can sell pages on your blog to local businesses.

See most local businesses would love to have an online presence but the cost of hiring a freelancer to write about their business, the cost of buying a domain name, setting a website, making it look good, not to mention renewing the hosting and stuff and the pure technical saviness that goes behind such an effort- many won’t even budge but if you approach those businesses and tell them that you can rent or sell a few pages describing their services for a small fee, local business heads may dive in!

If you sell or rent enough pages to local small business, your own domain could become known as the local go-to source for local information. In fact, you could potentially have the next Angie’s list on your hands.

It doesn’t end with even this Have you seen something like this before?

Here are the Top 10 Misspelled words in Blogs. I haven’t included the full post where he talks about the correct use of these words so head over to Dukeo. Here’s the link

  1. Its – It’s:
  2. Than – Then:
  3. There – Their – They’re:
  4. Your – You’re:
  5. Here – Hear: Lose – Loose:
  6. Close – Clothes:
  7. To – Too – Two:
  8. Cite – Site – Sight: Effect – Affect:

As you can see that Dukeo does a great job of educating us with his posts and even though it being a blog that has so many updates everyday he does not link excessively to his older posts and told his clear hate about people who link excessively to their older posts. One such blogger I know makes Wikipedia shy away with his interlinking.

Thanks Ste!

How Dukeo could be even more awesome?

Now there are some things that I do not like about Dukeo and I will be honest telling all of that too.

Firstly I am writing this entry as a participant in a contest at Dukeo where I am reviewing his blog for a chance to win $200!

review my blog Dukeo  The insanely awesome blog!

So being a regular reader you might think that this is one of the earliest entries. Its not and Ste is responsible for that.

He updates his blog so much, so many times a day that I missed the contest post and only when he did a follow up post did I come to know about such a wonderful opportunity.

So Ste please stop overwhelming me. I am a regular reader and because of the incessant updates I am not able to take it all. I can only read so much in a day and nothing beyond that.

Secondly what irritates me is the eerie silence over there. The blog seems to have a mute audience, an un moving mass of spectators so stunned that they are unable to speak anything.

I on the other hand am so dazed that I have to speak out at the wonders he creates.

But if the audience is so stunned then why did it speak in 46 comments on the contest post compared to the persistent, perennial, everlasting and evergreen 0 comments.

And if it did speak then why was there no action- only one chap participated until the follow up post.

The eerie silence makes me wince when I think of guest blogging there, because I feel that the readership won’t bother!

So Ste you need to do something about it. Please go out and comment on other blogs so that they return the same favour to you. Not that a blog which has a lot of comments gets more Search engine visibility( or does it) but we feel that there’s an active community over there.

Thirdly only when I read one of the review posts did I come to know that your full name is Stephane Kerwer and you are French. I thought you were Chinese.

Again I see no photos, nothing with which I can relate to you, build a relationship. 6 months later you are still a mystery to me and even I never bothered to find either.

Please be more visible!

Here is the link to the contest


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    I hope u win 🙂 you write more than 200 words here. Good luck buddy.

    • Thank you. Ste has even implemented some of my strategies like adding his face to his blog. Btw which is this site that you are promoting?

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