Content marketing has grown very big— to epic proportions.

With the right approach content marketing can take your business places. Every brand that has a growth story, chances are you’ll find content marketing to be the fuel.

Most people assume that written content alone is the foundation and all-in-all for content marketing.

That isn’t true.

Let’s have a closer look and determine what gives it wings.


Blogging is one of the foremost techniques for content marketing.

Yes, its written content.

How do you blog to make the most of it?

I suggest blogging on a regular basis. Instead of posting one piece per month, post 5 detailed pieces of content every month. Reach out to people to link to it and watch it bring traffic and conversions back.

One piece per month results in only 12 content pieces. Your business’ growth will be that slow resultantly.

Instead spend some time creating more and publishing more.

Network with other bloggers in the niche and ask them share it. You do the same. Growth fuels growth.



Though infographics aren’t as popular now as they used to be, there’s enough life left in this marketing medium to make a positive change to your efforts.

Infographics are content in a graphical form.

Take your most popular blogpost and turn it into an infographic. Neil Patel, doesn’t do it for his own posts but also for other people’s post.

Turn it into something interesting and exciting and people will naturally send links.

CrazyEgg blog often publishes infographics.

Would they do it on regular basis spending thousands of marketing dollars if it weren’t working for them?


Yet another form of content.

You could repurpose popular blogposts, reviews and tutorials into videos and watch it skyrocket.

A friend of mine only watches videos. He doesn’t like reading any blogposts.

There may be other such people. Not maybe there millions of people who predominantly consume video and prefer it to any other content.

You would be reaching out to a whole new category of readers with videos.


Heard of Slideshare?

It’s a platform that allows you to create and share slides. Just like YouTube, a naturally large-sized community fans your slide views.

You stand to reach many new people.

Because of the domain authority, long tail keywords easily rank and you could target those and bring a lot of traffic that way.


Content marketing should be the lifeblood of any growing business.

It doesn’t cost much but the cost of producing new content and sharing it.

YOU would definitely enjoy the process and bring a great haul home.