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What the six figure musician can teach you about starting an online business?

I was reviewing “ The Six figure Musician” by David Hooper and it was like a bolt of lightning hitting the balls.

Wow, it’s so similar was my first reaction.

This book is not only for making a career in music but for its perfect for anyone who wants to build an online business.

The music industry has so much in common with blogging and creating a business online that if you, after reading this post, disagree, you can print this page and burn it with sulphur.

Not in my wildest dreams I imagined that there will be so much that blogging has to do with music or with this book.

These lines are found on the start of the book-

“It’s painful to book a gig, show up, and have nobody in the audience.
It’s painful to record an album, release it, and have it go nowhere.
It’s painful when your parents, friends, and even your own spouse don’t
understand your desire to create music and the sacrifices you’re making
to be successful in this business.”

Well, now tell me when starting out as a blogger did you not face all this?

The guy David is featured on Smartpassiveincome too and here’s what he says about his book and internet marketing.

“So it’s a little–and same thing for Internet marketing as well.”

How do you make it as a 6 figure musician or a blogger?

By failing too fast and too often

When Wong Chendong of the Bad Blogger started his blogging journey it was a time which he described as one when everything that he touched burned. Read it here

Note that the failures did not stop him from trying from touching even though there was nothing positive happening.

It was a time when people were not interested in partnering with him because his blog did not present any viable income opportunity.

For Ste Kerwer of Dukeo who is another six figure earner a viable business model started surfacing only after 2 years.

For John Chow the first penny came after 8 months of blogging.

It takes time and it takes many many failures to finally succeed.

But if you keep on trying you will get it. Try different things, fail, try again try once more because you do not know which opportunity will change your life forever.

By trusting yourselves

By being in the music industry for over 17 years David has seen all that happens there.

There are some people who save two years of all their income to finally start music and there are others who earn more from their part time music than by their day job and still do not take the risk.

If your blog is not making you more than your day job wait and think about this. Have you given your blog everything that you have?

You know that this is what you want, what’s stopping you?

You are reading this so that you can become a six figure blogger aren’t you?

The reason that 90% of bloggers are failures, the reason why people rarely do it well online is because they do not give everything they have to make it big online.

Its another part time fetish for them.

Napoleon Hill has put it aptly in his book Think and Grow Rich,

“When someone is so keen towards something that he stakes his entire future on a single turn of the wheel, then more often than not, he succeeds.”

Go to your goal with everything that you have and you will succeed?

By taking action

Here is what John Chow says about taking action- Most people will never make money online no matter how many courses they buy, because they fail to apply what’s in it.

I don’t remember what were his exact words but I am sure that, this was the sum and substance.

Of course there will be some things that do not work out and some things that will change your life, you can’t learn it all without trying. Good decisions come from bad experiences and bad experiences come from bad decisions. Don’t be afraid to fail. Take action.

By not waiting for the perfect time to get started

There is a time for the fig tree to blossom and a later time when you find yourself munching them, but there is no perfect alignment of the clock hands to get started with your dreams be it music or be it your online business.

Take away from the book-

Don’t let the fact that you don’t know enough or that not everything
is in order keep you from doing something.

Start by investing

Be it time, money or effort, there’s no one who will take you by the hand and lead you to success.

It’s you who has to decide about buying a domain, setting up a site, writing your first post and then doing it consistently, getting a business plan everything.

You have got to do something. Its true for everything.

Carol Tice in her post -The essential Item for freelance success… tells us the same thing-“ What’s in your wallet?” lihttp://www.makealivingwriting.com/2013/01/25/spend-money-freelance-writing-business/nk

Takeaway from the book-

Earl Nightingale once said that most people approach life like a man
standing in front of a stove who says, “Give me heat and then I’ll add

Start a business where there are buyers

Find out who’s hungry for your songs?

Well there are many things which take over space on your mind.

You may think of training your dog, teaching him some tricks etc. but if you have a toothache that takes away a major space allocation from your mind. It’s a problem that needs to be solved, immediately( period)

Similarly you would take care of your teeth in the future too and probably buy stuff that helps you do that.

So in short when there appear pressing issues you are desperate for a solution.

That’s what we call a niche market with hungry buyers.

The same applies to both music and online marketing. You need to find people who really, really want your product.

Be it the song you sing or the blog you build. Does it make enough sense that people will care enough to spend money on it?

Do market research for something that you have in mind and then stick with it, make products that make sense, that solve a problem.

In music songs which identify with feelings- being broke, death, losing someone tend to do well because people buy songs for the feeling that it gives.

Solve a problem, make a business.

Listen to your audience

Do you know how copyblogger does a business of millions each year without showing an ad on the sidebars?

Its by listening to the audience.

Listen to what your audience says and wants and make products for them.

Making money showing ads is a poor way to do business.

Let me tell you what business model makes the most money in music.

The book says that selling songs by itself be it on Vinyl, or on an ipod does little by itself and is not a viable business model.

Musicians who make millions are not killing it with selling records but by selling products like fragrance and boots, by giving those inanimate objects a persona.

Of course you may not be able to sell fragrances but if you listen to your audience you can solve their problems by conducting webinars and training sessions and personal one to one coaching to those who need them.

When you start listening, people pay you attention.

You have to build your own tribe like Pat of Smart Passive Income.

Like Jon Morrow of Bigblogtraffic.
 What the six figure musician can teach you about starting an online business? What the six figure musician can teach you about starting an online business?

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  1. Jason James

    Mar 01. 2013

    I didn’t read the entire article, but what if you could set up little musical niche shows. Following that theory you could rank in billboards and be a silent celebrity.

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  2. Trak Van

    Sep 23. 2013

    I liked your article a lot. Its really amazing.Thanks for sharing such an interesting article with us.

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