Adding 1000 followers on your slim twitter profile may seem a daunting task at first but its not that hard if you follow my step by step plan to get your first 1000 followers in just 7 days.

I too started with a profile of barely 150 followers but at the end of the week my profile spotted 1000 followers.

How to get followers on twitter?

Go to this website There are many paid packages available but there is also a free package for adding 100 followers for free. Select that and add your twitter account with them. 4 hours later nearly 100 followers will be added to your account.

Now go to this website called followmania. There are many paid packages available but you need only go for the free 20 followers package.

Add your twitter account to this site to get 20 followers automatically in four hours. Since it’s a twitter app there is no such thing as registration or other loops.

The problem with the above two methods is that you have no control over who follows you.

Those people get credits for following people which they employ to gain followers themselves, but the process doesn’t guarantee that you will get traffic to your links.

There are a lot of free tools available which can allow you to find out people whom you can follow and who would be interested in what you are doing.

To find targeted users you need to know users who will be interested in your content.

How will you do that?

That can only be done by searching with targeted keywords the kinds of people who are tweeting the same stuff as you. Are you a blogger who discusses about internet marketing or someone who loves cars.

To get people to reach you, you need tools which can help you find the right people.

And these tools are free to use!

1. Easy retweet and Just retweet

JustRetweet Twitter Retweets More Traffic Followers Retweet Tool www justretweet com main2 300x142 How to add followers to your twitter account

If you have been on this blog even for a little bit of time then you must have heard of me winning a contest and getting 5000 free credits of easy retweet.

Not only I got those credits but I was also featured on their home page which resulted in me getting a lot of followers as long as I was on the home page. At the end of a week my followers increased by 75.

Those free credits also helped me in publishing my tweets to a large audience which i could select. Basically you need to assign a number of credits to the tweet and 30 would be a good number to get started otherwise no one would pay you any attention.

Basically if you did not win any contest then how would you get credits?

There are a lot of bloggers who assign 100 credits per re tweet and you can easily ear 1000 or so credits per day to promote yourself just by spending 10 minutes on Easy re tweet and just retweet

A good thing which happens when others promote you this way is that they also end up following you.

If you just login everyday on justretweet you get followers say 5 and if you spend 5 minutes retweeting whatever gives the highest credits you can make enough to promote yourself too.

You can expect 10 followers from justretweet everyday.

2.Use twiends to find and flush people

Follow multiple Twitter users by @users followers    Tweepi tweepi com tools follow by followers100 How to add followers to your twitter account

One thing with social shares and followers is that you can spend $5 on fiverr and get as many as you want but then those who do that forget that there is no use of sheer numbers, the numbers translate only when they are real and targeted.

You need to find people who are actually interested in what you share.

You can do that by using a site known as twiends.

There is a small bar which helps you to find out whom you should follow by putting in the keywords related to your niche.

Once you find such people follow them. A lot of these people will follow you back.

But the problem with this method is that you need to manually check all those people you need to follow and that’s a boring task.

3. Tweepi

Tweepi v2 0    a geekier faster way to bulk add quality followers    Tweepi tweepi com dashboard How to add followers to your twitter account

Tweepi is another free platform where you can find people, like followers of famous blogger like in this case I searched out the followers of Ileane Smith and followed a lot of them.

Ileane runs Basicblogtips which is a site much related to the topics I blog about and there’s a good possibility of finding many like minded souls on Ileane’s profile.

The feature of Tweepi that I like is that it allows you to flush people who are not following you back.

When you reach 2000 followers and are not maintaining a nearly 1:1 ratio then twitter would not allow you to add more followers.

You will just get an error message when you try to follow more people..

So you then would need to unfollow those who are not following you.

So flushing away all those people becomes important.

But these are not the methods that I use to find out more twitter followers.


Do you know that people who have thousands of twitter followers have a secret ?

You can do all this and still not have followers and that’s why I have added an all in one method for fetching and following people.

Its called Tweet Adder.

How to use tweet adder to increase followers on twitter fast and free?

tweet adder How to add followers to your twitter account

What I love about the Tweet adder software is that its fully automated and has one amazing feature which helps you to distinguish people whom you should not follow at all by “showing their tweets”.

For example-

As I am writing this I can see one blunder that I made in searching for people with the keyword “traffic”.

What I had in mind was blog traffic when I searched but most of the search results pointed towards people who were commenting on the black friday heavy traffic or road traffic.

So that was a waste of time.

There is no one free tool that can do that anywhere else but here; you can actually see the tweets made by the people whom you are searching for and its free.

Tweet Adder makes searching people a breeze.

You just need to enter the keywords and after a few moments a list of people who have in their tweets the word will appear.

You can see the tweets they have made to decide whether to follow them.

Secondly I need not manually check(tick) every person to follow them, yes I can follow all the people who came in the search results.

The software also has and idle time set so that twitter does not recognise that we are using a software,

Selecting people is the easiest task for me and I limit my selves to just 300 people per day. In the days that follow I get 50 to 60 followers.

You can follow 400 to 500 people but for that you need to buy the software.

Some people just need some more time to follow you back. I use the flush feature only after 7 days. But doing so also flushes out the people whom I followed just a day back or two days back.

The fact is that Tweet adder saves so much time for me and I need to worry only about creating good content.

tweet adder 4 How to add followers to your twitter account

How to use tweet adder for building your list?

The thing that I do with Tweet adder is that I schedule a thank you message with a link to my free e book. Since most of my keywords are related to money and my e book also describes a way to make money, I get so many people signing up to my list everyday for free.

All the features that I mentioned are free in tweet adder and it does not come with a monthly fee as opposed to all such softwares.

It does not waste your time.

You should not be dealing with anything that does not make you money directly. Concentrate your efforts in leveraging your efforts by softwares like this.

Features of tweet adder add followers on twitter free and fast

tweet adder 2 How to add followers to your twitter account

Tweet adder has some very exciting features that would blow your mind off

  • Tweet adder can be used to schedule tweets from your rss feed whenever and in whatever form you want. You can tweet the same message or different messages any number of times per day.
  • Tweet adder can be used to follow the followers of a famous person in your niche. Since its the same niche as yours you will get lot of targeted people who may be interested in following you back.
  • You can set the time between each follow so that Twitter doesn’t ban your account.
  • The most powerful feature of tweet adder is that you can manage multiple accounts on Tweet adder and automate your tweets and follow ship.
  • For example I can run multiple accounts for seekdefo aiming at different audiences like people interested in making money blogging, people interested in getting traffic, building an e mail list etc..
  • Or I can run multiple accounts for my various niche sites.

Applying all these methods within 7 days I was able to increase my twitter followers by 1000.

tweet adder 3 How to add followers to your twitter account

What to do after getting all those followers?

I will keep myself short here.

You’d be a poor blogger or internet marketer if your sole aim lies in getting people to follow you.

You need to make them share your content across boundaries which you cannot achieve yourself.

For that make them like you.

A hell lot of people who followed me sent me thank you messages for following them.

If I ever re tweeted their posts they replied me too.

Well I have told you what to do to get your message across.

Its not about you. Its about them.

If you are useful to others then others will be useful to you too.

The first rule of getting noticed on Twitter is this-“ Its more blessed to give than to receive”.

You need to give consistently before getting your own blessings. You will get that, there’s Karma involved.

Chris Bogan uses the 12:1 ratio. For every one of your links there should be 12 other others’ links.

You will get amazing success on twitter.

Secondly you should craft headlines in such a way that the Twitterati notices it.

There’s so much of information thrown in 140 characters every minute that if you can’t attract people with your headlines you can never attract them.