Want Content that Converts?

Here's the recipe: I worked with a SaaS client for a whole year. In that time, the traffic to their website doubled, and we got authoritative links which fueled additional growth. Most of the content written years ago is still bringing visitors and sitting on the first page of Google.

It took a year of hard-work but it finally paid off.

   I NEED THIS!   
So here's my question:

Do you want content that smashes your competitors, ranks you high and rains leads?

Let’s begin by assuming the worst: For every 100 visitors to your site, you convert 3 into paying customers. Feeble numbers… I know. Would you be interested in three new customers adding an additional $2000 (assuming a $50 to $60/month product) to your annual revenue numbers?

There’s a simple way to go about this without spending a cent on one-off advertising. A single 1000 word post might bring you 10 to 20 visitors from search engines. If you quadruple the number of content pieces, that’s at least 50 new visitors per month. If you add 3 short posts and one long-form post aka 10X pillar content and invest time in outreach and guest posting that could surely bring anywhere between two to five hundred more visitors

Want to know something that knocks-your-socks off?

Next month you’ll still get traffic from old posts and new traffic from fresh content posted that month. Your incremental revenue doubles next month and triples the third month and gathers momentum with every passing day. You might not be able to see it immediately. Content takes time to rank. You’ve to build authority by keeping at it long enough. But once you do, it’s free traffic that converts— all day long.

Those well-created pieces of content aren’t just going to sit there gathering dust. Google’s going to shower its love on those well-written posts for months and years to come. Each month those posts will bring traffic and that combined with new articles is going to work in your favor and bring more and more traffic, conversions and ultimately money.

When you kick-start the content engine it doesn’t stop surprising you with what it can do.

You’ll get none of that traffic and thousands of revenue if you don’t have content that’s authoritative, well-written and well-researched.

Don’t let anyone tell you that content marketing doesn’t work.

GrooveHQ is on the path to $10 million in annual revenue. Much of that is courtesy of the awesome content they create and post every month.

More leads

More traffic
Higher search engine rankings.

I brainstorm topic ideas for the next six months, flesh out outlines and get your content going to places that it deserves.

Want to work with me. Include your details below and let’s get started getting you more leads and money.

I am driven, pumped and invested to see you succeed in 2018. Are you?

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