Hire ME

I am George and I have been writing for a while now!

I write for my own blog, I guest blog on other sites, I write for clients. Recently I was promoting an eBook written by an acclaimed musician David Hooper with guest posts and articles.

I will be promoting his next book too.

When it comes to my clients I am usually knee-deep in research, untiringly at work, until I come with a copy which would leave the audience spellbound.

I also ghost write but I do it for a limited clientele.

If you wish to hire me you can contact me at george1992defo@gmail.com.

Here are a few examples of  content marketing that I have done.







or this one


I have worked with ace conversion rate optimization blogs like ConversionXL, who were featured in Unbounce’s list of the top 75 blogs.



A few more:






I am the company blogger at Monitor Backlinks and here are a few posts I did for them.


Why should you leverage your site for mobile traffic?


What is a link audit and why you should perform that?


How to recover from Penguin penalty easily?


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