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Why should you Hire ME?

My name is George and I regularly create content for some of the top marketing and SEO blogs on the planet.

I write for my own blog, I guest blog on other sites and I write for clients.

I do in-depth research for all my articles; I work on finding out the research links/case study links behind each and every point I present. As a result of the effort, most of my articles garner thousands of shares on social media sites.

I also ghostwrite but I do it for a limited clientele.

If you wish to hire me you can contact me at  george1992defo@gmail.com.

Here are a couple of articles that I wrote.

The 5-Second Rule for Opt-in Pages (And 4 Tips to Beat It)


3 Tactics You Can Implement Today for Higher Email Open Rates ( over 6000 social media shares)


Behind the Scenes of Behavioral Advertising( over 800 social media shares)


17 Testing tools for Mobile UX( over 1100 social media shares)


How to Optimize Videos for Better Conversions?


152 Case Studies and Tutorials on SEO, Internet Marketing, and Traffic Generation


I have worked with ace conversion rate optimization blogs like ConversionXL, who were featured in Unbounce’s list of the top 75 blogs.


The Effect of Typography on User Experience & Conversions( over 1600 social media shares)

Few more:

How to Start a Winning Blog that Takes You to a Full Time Career?


Scientific way to write great headlines


If you’d like to see the same level of success for your own blog posts then send an email(george1992defo@gmail.com). Let’s get started today.