Keyword research is everyone’s first stop prior to building a site.

And rightly so.

But despite everyone on it, few do it right.

There are hundreds of easy ways to fetch higher return.

Here’s how.

Be topical

I am sure that keyword like baseball is searched millions of times across the globe.

People searching for baseball may want a new baseball, or want to know updates of the game, news on favorite stars, legacy baseballs and n number of things.

Precisely the reason why you should never try to rank for such a short tail keyword.

Baseball price. Baseball comparison and similar keywords are much much better options though.

They’re looking for something specific and if you’re a baseball retailer these keywords are gold.

Use seasonal trends

Traffic for some sites may fluctuate seasonally.

If you’re a North American retailer selling winter clothes you’d have the most sales starting November to January.

For others, things aren’t so simple.

Pre-holiday traffic and sales.

Prior to holidays you may witness a spike in traffic and increased intent of purchase. Making sure that your site is primed for this is key to capitalizing on the trend. Amazon often changes homepages to reflect the holiday season and offer discounts.

That’s a great way to get the keyword on the homepage and bank hard.

Post holidays, after the festive season, traffic might tank a bit.

How to identify seasonal trends?

Google trends is your friend plus the calendar.

For example, Hulu’s targeted ad before the superbowl surged traffic to the site by 50%.

If you check stats on year to year basis you’ll find which trends or events bring you the most traffic. Tweaking homepages and running targeted PPC or other ads can ensure that you are able to make the most of these trends.

Superbowl special sale.

Black Friday discount.

Mother’s day coupons.

For example, recently an eCommerce site celebrated Mother’s day by creating a contest where mothers and daughters could enter a draw by posting a picture of them together.

This generated sufficient interest and the ad went viral. The interest was so widespread that the company that faced nosediving profits and prospects of closing down generated healthy profits.

That’s the power of banking on seasonal trends.

Choose easy but profitable keywords

It’s hard to beat major retailers that have over the years built millions of links and get millions of visitors.

But you could focus on something that’s far easier and generates guaranteed profits.

Focus on easy to rank money keywords.

Most keyword research tools today come with a tab that shows keyword competition.

Makes it easy to understand how easy or difficult it is to rank for a particular keyword.

They’re saviors. Saving you a lot of time.

Enter any big keyword say baseball and you’ll find hundreds of related keywords many of whom that have high traffic and low competition.

Focus on those.



Keyword research can bring higher revenue if done right.

You must focus on trends, level of ease and topicality to make it work for you.