How a part-time blog can bring in enough money to replace your day-job?

To make the kind of money that gives you enough in cash and kind so that you have no longer have to have a J.O.B isn’t easy to make through blogging.

Let me take the example of MoneySavingMom. Authored by a mom the site was a simple eBook at first changed into a course and finally evolved into a blog.

Crystal Paine only wanted $1200 as income from her blog. That may look like a lot of money to someone from India but in the US anyone who flips burgers can be $8 an hour. If you work 6 hours a day flipping burgers 5 days a week you make $1152.

That’s minimum wage. Most people at this wage aren’t able to afford housing if at all.

Crystal desired minimum wage. A goal that didn’t seem to be sky-high.

And it took 2.5 years of real little-to-no-paid blogging work to reach that goal eventually.

Afterwards there was no looking back.

She tripled her goal to $3600 and then continued breaking income barriers. Last I checked, the site employs 13 people who consistently find and post great deals.

The lesson to be learnt here isn’t about making a deals or a money saving site.

It’s about continually putting in effort there even when the rewards are none.

Consistent effort in the right direction can transform your blog into a money making machine.

The site MoneySavingMom gets over 1.5 million visitors each month and is one among the most popular sites in the world.

What kept her going?

She says that her husband has been her greatest source of motivation and mojo.

He would always remind her to publish the content because somebody needs to see it. People want to read it.

Despite being a low fruit bearing tree in the initial years his motivating words were what kept her going.

If you have no one to motivate you and the world seems outright against you don’t worry about it.

Here’s what I do.

I make it a habit to write down inspiring quotes and read them every single day. Different quotes and that keeps me going when times are hard.

She says you should choose small goals

The sanctity about small goals is that it doesn’t take much to achieve those goals. It doesn’t require specialized set of skills. You need not master copywriting, sales, design or anything at all to get to that small goal.

Do what you are able to do to keep the fires lit.

It isn’t always possible for us to do everything.

But if you make small goals and stick to them it’s possible that you meet those goals every day.

The goals can be as simple as dedicating 30 minutes to blogging.

  1. Or writing 500 words every day.
  2. Or commenting on handful of blogs.
  3. Mailing some bloggers and creating a network.

As long as you take baby steps you will move forward.

This is something I read on Quora. Life is very simple. Whether it’s running a marathon and 100 meter jog; what it comes down to is putting one foot in front of the other.

When you look at it like that things become very simple. Actions no longer seem like a mountain of work and that’s what you need to do.

Take baby steps

If you ever read the book by Chris Gardner called the Pursuit of Happyness you will find that Chris often talks about taking baby steps.

Every step that you take in the forward direction leads you forward.

Do things that make you closer to your goal

At first it may not be clear to you as to what actually needs to be done to meet a monetary goal.

Don’t worry. You will get there.

When blogging you will discover that some opportunities arise that make it one step closer.

Somebody getting in touch with you to help them do something that you have done. It could be moving their site from one host to another.

It could be helping them find a deal that would save them a lot of money

It could be some advice or consultancy.

You can charge for those. Offer them as service. Write more of those posts that bring these kind of emails and very soon you will have a slew of people who want to work with you.

This is just one example. There are countless monetization angles unique to each niche and site.

I will discuss a few below to give you some ideas. Most are side hustles.

Darren Rowse the original PROblogger at the beginning of his blogging career, 11 odd years ago, felt that it would be nice to have 30 minutes in a week to dedicate to blogging.

Once 2 years passed and the blog started generating some income he felt that the 30 minutes should be 1 hour or 2 hours and so it went.

Eventually at one point he dedicated 60 to 70 hours a week blogging finally whittling down to 40 hours a week.

The thing is he didn’t shy away from putting in those 30 precious minutes despite everything— fathering a toddler and raising a 2 year old and homeschooling them while also doing a job.

Instead of going down from 30 minutes to 10 minutes he went from 30 minutes to 5 hours a day.

Consistent practice, results notwithstanding is perhaps the only thing that stands between success and you.