There are a few SEO quick wins that can result in increased traffic and conversions.

Here’s how to go scoring quick wins.

Focus on what works to gather quick wins.

Work on low ranking pages

Google Analytics is cursed with not provided. So you can’t drill down and see which terms are bring you traffic.

You can either be happy with the terms that appear just below the not provided tab or register some quick wins with the help of different keyword research tools.

Publish less but make existing posts better

Why I like this?

Instead of attempting to rank for a brand new keyword that would require months of efforts, you’re focusing your attention on low-hanging fruits.

Unbounce did an experiment where they stopped publishing any new content for two weeks.

No, they didn’t laze around their bums all day long.

In the hiatus they started optimizing and bettering the content on existing posts.

Posts which were bring them traffic had more content added to them.

How did it turn out?

“275 percent more conversions from their top 17 highest traffic posts.”

Under search console look for queries to find the search terms bringing traffic.

Click on the advanced option and set average position to greater than 10. We’re trying to find pages that are on the second page of Google.

You’ll see that the impressions are far lower— the obvious result of being buried on page but search volumes are on the high end.

So if you optimize these pages you will get more impressions and get more traffic.


Find pages with high exit rate

People searching for something and landing on those blogposts might not visit another page or blogpost.

They bounce away. Nothing wrong with that.

They found useful info, read it and went their way.

However if the exit rate is high then it implies that your page or post isn’t delivering on promises.

Try to find the keywords that people are landing for on the site and add additional info that would make them stay.

It’s beneficial for higher ranking too. Google would naturally push down a page that doesn’t deliver.


Make sure those brand mentions and linked pages are spot on

If someone links to your site and mentions some context.

Say I have links to my keyword research guide. But the linker isn’t linking to the particular page but my homepage.

A polite email informing them of the error can change the link and drive relevant traffic and easy links to your page.

Brand mentions without the links too are another opportunity to score easy wins.

The owner of the site in question may or may not respond in both cases but it’s wise to try once.


Create long form content by consolidating part 1 and part 2 pieces


Some content marketers like splitting content to different pieces.

Makes it easier to read I guess.

But for SEO, long-form content has proven time and again to be ranking higher.

Several case studies have proved that beyond doubt.

Instead of 3 800 word content pieces, build one long-form content.


You can win more at SEO by implementing these quick changes.

It doesn’t take a lot of work and just some analysis and mish-mash can be effective at increasing traffic and links without any downsides at all.

Spend some time poring through the analytics and score those big wins.