The only unchangeable facet of life that everyone can be sure of is that life is uncertain.

Changes can throw your way of living into topsy-turvy.

That goes for anything and everything including your blogspot blog. You may spend hundreds of hours writing, editing and publishing great content.

But life happens. Your blog might get deleted. Someone might hack into your Google account and delete all your blogposts- your hard work.

It’s always better to take a backup and be safe in the knowledge that an offline copy exists that can be uploaded to take things back to the same place.

The heart of my discontent lies in the fact that most bloggers don’t heed to these warnings.

You can easily take backup of your blogspot blog in a few simple steps.

Here are the steps

GO to template settings other.

In other you will find an export option. Click on the one that says blog and this will download an xml file containing your blogposts and comments from visitors.

You can also take a backup of your blog template. Choose template and download the xml file.



Can the backed up xml file be used on WordPress?

The xml file doesn’t work on wordpress. That’s why I suggest using the import from Blogger functionality built-in WordPress if you want to export a blogspot blog.

What are the benefits of exporting?

It’s possible that Google deletes your blog for policy violations. In that case an offline copy can be used to publish the content on a self-hosted blog.