Many blogs struggle to make one affiliate sale. Most believe that once you break the barrier of making that first sale, it’s a downhill road.

The truth is scarier. Unless you have your foot over the pedal you aren’t keeping that momentum.

After making my first Bluehost commission I didn’t get to another sale for a long whole year.

I got distracted. I stopped blogging on a regular basis. A minor tragedy hit.

And perhaps that’s what it takes to steal someone’s resolve.

Things are never very easy with blogging.

That’s why making regular affiliate commissions is an art of the grind.

You’ve to keep building that traffic and do more things than one to keep the fire burning.

Unlike a regular J.O.B. that pays you whether you do a whole lot of work every month, your blog pays you only if you do the work on a regular basis.

Yes, over time things become easy. But on a timescale it could 3 to 5 years which is huge. At least 6 months before the traffic trickle morphs into a tiny rivulet.

Many more months before you start seeing commissions on a day-to-day basis. You get lucky with the first few sales but that’s luck not norm.

Here’s how you double your affiliate commissions.

Do video reviews

Working with landing pages, I’ve often observed that people who actually watch the explainer 2 min video tend to convert well.

By extension, this could work on your blog too.

A lot of content is textual in nature which by the very platform is limited in providing information.


An in-depth review may go 2000 to 3000 words. I’ve seen some going over 10000 words.

It’s tough ploughing through that many black letters and stay focused.

A video makes this child’s play.

Tons of content is condensed into minutes of video without sacrificing any of the information. In fact if you compare the number of pictures a blogpost would carry to convey the same information, it would number into hundreds.

Visual content + plus voice makes it easily digestible and hence video reviews can be better bet in circling those affiliate commissions.

Be honest

People are going to spend their hard earned money on the product you recommend trusting every word that you said.

Don’t play with that honesty.

In the short-term, yes you make some commissions.

But a blog is often built on loyal audiences. You must have heard, once cheated twice shy.

Your product doesn’t do what it says it does and you are paving your downfall.

List the pros and cons of the product.

Show examples of how it worked for you and what you did with the software.

Make a personal connection.

Promote products that you know down pat. Everyone can write a 1000 word review aggregating thoughts from several reviews. But only few can write from experience. That honesty reflects in what you write.

Focus on a few affiliate products

Instead of smash-grabbing every product you can find, focus on a select few, preferably one with recurring affiliate commission structures.

Aweber pays recurring commission to you as long as the referral stays with them. It’s a measly $5 but adds up quickly. Continual products are also one of the toughest to convert.

Only people with a particular mindset purchase an autoresponder solution and if isn’t making them money immediately they’d opt out. Perhaps why Mailchimp is so popular.

Be with us. Build your business and we’ll charge only when you grow.

Let’s talk about my blog as an example.

I have a choice to list and promote every hosting company that I see and a vast majority have great commissions. Sure, I can rank for the terms and bank.

But that puts me another jeopardy. My authority as a blogger.

I can choose to promote select one or two hosting solutions and as I develop into an authority bank hard on that.

Pat Flynn of SPI, has promoted only Bluehost from time immemorial. The commissions are $125 per sale instead of $65 because of his sales machinery, authority and voice.

Bluehost would rather have Pat stay with them than hop ship.

And it’s a great way to build trust. Pat uses Bluehost for his blog. Pat only recommends Bluehost. Perhaps I should also use Bluehost. I don’t think he ranks for terms like bluehost review or bluehost coupon. All sales are through word-of-mouth and the income reports he posts every month where he links to Bluehost.

You don’t have to depend on search engine traffic for that.

Just develop your authority which of course takes time and promote only products your trust, like and use.