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How to measure content marketing performance on social media channels

It’s a given that social media finds itself part of every content marketing strategy.

It’s free…mostly and easy. Takes little time though. All you need is some copy pasting skills. Which of course aren’t any skills.

But is there a way to amplify your content on social media and widen your reach.

Case in point— you can’t build on success if you don’t know what’s bringing your site traffic from countless social media channels.

Here’s where you learn how to do that.

Analyze content pages by social share counts

There are two ways to do this.

Hard grunt work, where you analyze each and every page for social shares.

And then there’s the easy way.

Fire up either BuzzStream or Ahrefs and copy-paste your domain to find the top pages by social shares.

Easy peasy.

To make it even better.

Go to Google Analytics and click on export for the pages that have had impressions.

Now with this export compare the pages that have most social shares with the most impressions.

This is the content you’re looking for.

This content is special because it not only performed really well on social media but also drove search engine traffic and rankings.

This is the example you’re trying to emulate.

How to milk this cow?

Think of similar content you could write about.

If your most popular content by the above standards is content marketing tools— write something about content marketing hacks. Content marketing wisdom from experts and link them all together wherever it makes sense.

Piggyback on older success to find newer avenues.

Find content that resonates well with competitors

Well-known competitors have a magic touch that permeates through everything they do.

That’s not to say that you can’t copy their success.

Being the brands they’re, it’s easy for them to scribble anything and watch engagement soar.

Not so much with you.

Still, there’s hope.

Buzzstream is your best bet to find content that’s performed well in social media.

We can’t pore over their analytics to see if the impressions are on point.

But some data is better than nothing.

Checking the search engine rankings for the so-called pages is what you should do to get better posts.

Concluding thoughts

Most people write content without any planning.

Recipe for disaster, if you ask me.

Having courted many content marketing disasters from my own inexperience and naiveness, I can assure you that if you need success in social media, you need content that resonates with your core audience.

Find out what drives traffic through the methods outlined above. Aim for the stars and you won’t fall far too away from the moon.

What do you think?

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  1. Nancy

    Awesome tips, George. Short post but with a lot of insights. Currently using Google Analytics and the others you mentioned are must-tries for me. Social media indeed is a great tool to promote product/services and a helpful platform to develop a following and to grow site traffic. It just needs to have a lot of visual content, useful, quality context, knowing the right audience for the right platform and understanding viewer preferences. Thanks for the share!

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