Did you know that you can use JetPack to set up email subscriptions?

This tutorial will guide you through that.

It’s incredible but the subscription option is absolutely free to use. And it can send hundreds of thousands of notifications for your blog absolutely free.

This builds engagement.

What it does is allow readers to subscribe to blog comments. This updates them when their comment has had a new reply. They can click through and engage with the article again.

It’s a pretty powerful and often overlooked means of retargeting visitors. The whole world talks about Facebook retargeting pixels and Google adroll while forgetting Jetpack.

The first step is to install JetPack. It’s a free plugin available in the wordpress repository. Currently plugin boasts 100,000 active installs.

The subscription settings will be activated as a default option.

Two default subscription options exist and they can’t be changed.

  • The reader can choose to subscribe and get updates when someone replies.
  • The reader can choose to get updates regarding new blogposts.

Download and install JetPack from either wordpress or the plugin repository which can be accessed by going to plugins clicking on add a new plugin and searching for JetPack.

In the widget area you can search for and find JetPack. Use Ctrl+F Find function to make the search easy.

Drag the widget to the preferred area.

You can also choose to display the number of current subscribers you have.

Once someone subscribes they will get a confirmation email to confirm their subscription and let them know that they are following the blog.