It might appear difficult for you to stand out amongst so many bloggers who’re all doing the exact same thing.

They’re writing content, messing around with Facebook and Twitter, probably sending some outreach emails and networking with peers.

They all want traffic. The more the merrier.

A unique selling proposition or USP helps differentiate your blog from this mushrooming number of me-too bloggers.

A USP can be your unique design that’s different from all others, a varied color choice, voice of blogging or an entirely unique strategy upon which your blog hinges.

But why should you differentiate yourself?

Why not fit into the pigeonhole?

You’ll probably feel safer there.

Here’s why not.

Because that’s what everyone’s doing and failing.

You might see a spur of activity, some fireworks but it lasts only for a few months. Yes, new bloggers replace the dead and dying only to be replaced by others in the next few months.

Their opinions, strategy and way of blogging isn’t changing the world or making anyone feel any better.

That’s why trying to fit inside the pigeonhole sucks.

Be different in a common niche

I am sure you’ll be the only one with an Amazon niche site on Uilean pipes.

Since no one else is blogging about it, you’d have no trouble getting your site on the top with content alone.

Yep no links needed. Get an Exact match domain and write some content and you’re set.

But did you pause to think why you’re the only one blogging about uilean pipes?

If you haven’t lemme break something to you. The niche has a total of 100 searches per month if that.

You might get a sale in 3 months and make a grand total of $2 in commissions.

The reason why popular niches are saturated with bloggers and keep adding more is because it pays.

There’s traffic. You can put a spin on things and even if you aren’t able to sell affiliate products you could sell courses, make your own products or be a consultant.

If nothing, a popular blog always gets advertisers and requests for sponsored posts.



But, the disadvantage is the saturation.

You’ll need to find your brand voice and brand your blog so that it’s memorable.

Your unique spin of things in a saturated niche can make you a popular blogger who commands attention and gets heard.

If you want your opinion to matter start doing things a bit differently.

SmartBlogger’s USP is providing the best content for writers. They’ve the best training material you can use to take your writing career to unprecedented heights.

SPI’s USP is podcasting and interviews with successful affiliate marketers, marketers in general among other things and candid God’s honest truth.

Use a unique choice of colors or design

It doesn’t take a phD in graphic design to come up with a unique signature that becomes your hallmark.

The best thing to is find what all your fellow bloggers are doing and do the very opposite.

Is off-white the most popular color choice?

How about using pink?

Sounds different doesn’t it?

How you put out your content?

Textual content is by far the most popular and hence the most easily consumed.

But other forms of content creation exist— video blogging, slides and audio-podcasting.

Podcasting is gaining more and more traction probably because it doesn’t need someone to be visually involved. You could drive and still listen to your favorite podcasts.

On the flip side, video packs a lot of content in few minutes. At the very outset it doesn’t seem too time consuming. But the person behind it might have spent hours making it perfect.

Some people are absolute suckers for video.

The popularity of YouTube speaks tomes about the popularity of the medium.

If you want to stand out, try creating content in a medium that isn’t popular in that particular niche.

Even if others are using different medium to get the word out, putting a different spin on how you post your content could do the trick.

This will require some thinking and creativity on your part.

You’ve to do something that’s not been done before.

It needs to be said that some niches won’t run well with this advice. For example, a recipe blog is highly visual. The content calls for being intimately visual. You either need great pictures from a DSLR or quality video to show the process. Podcasting wouldn’t click with the audience.