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I am participating in the Blogengage 500 usd contest

1 I am participating in the Blogengage 500 usd contest

Hi friends I have a good news for you guys. I am participating with all my heart, soul and depth of my being in the Blogengage $500 contest. The reasons are mainfold. Whenever we participate in a contest we have a desire to win and there should be something that inspires us to feel that we can win or at least we will be liked.

Abhi Balani who won contest after contest at blogengage inspired me to participate in the Blogengage contest. His writings make the process seem easy.

Other than that I also get all the fruits of guest posting – A solid PR 4 backlink, exposure to my blog, the possibility that newer people who had no other way of reaching out to me will get to know me and also the possibility of winning some prize which will make it easier for me to maintain my blog and pay the  costs of running it like hosting and the Aweber subsciption that I want to take,  a premium theme, opt in Plugin etc. the list is long…

Why should you too participate?

All you require is a blog and an idea.There are three advantages to you.

The first one is that its like guest posting for a popular blog and you get PR 4 link juice passed on to you.

Secondly since this is a contest you will have a lot of eye balls on you.

Thirdly, you get Blogengage $19.99 lifetime standard subscription for free just by participating. The only thing missing in the standard subscription is the automatic RSS syndication.

Fourthly(I just exceeded the number of set advantages), you stand to win $500(not really)

  • $250 first prize
  • $150 second prize
  • $100 third prize and if you wrote an article which becomes the most popular one then you will get $1000 at the end of the year.

Have a look at the sponsor list.These are the guys who are encouraging us to show our talents.


9 Responses to “I am participating in the Blogengage 500 usd contest”

  1. Jena Isle

    Oct 09. 2012

    Hi George, welcome to the party. It’s great to have you on board. I’ve read your article and commented. It’s an interesting article. Good luck with the contest.

    • George

      Oct 10. 2012

      Hi Jena thank you from the bottom of my heart. I also saw that you have liked my facebook fan page and are following me on twitter. Thank you so much.

  2. Jena Isle

    Oct 10. 2012

    No Problem. I like you already, too. Keep writing.

  3. Andreas Fairnie

    Oct 15. 2012

    Hello George i enjoyed reading your articles about making online money.You have won a regular reader.

    • George

      Oct 19. 2012

      I have seen you at a lot of places like probloggingsuccess. Keep coming

  4. WZCreation

    Oct 19. 2012

    I agree with you I also like you and your writing…http://www.webzonecreation.com

    • George

      Oct 19. 2012

      Thanks keep visiting

  5. Vicky

    Oct 25. 2012

    i love your site.. keep it up!


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