Johnchow dot com is hijacked |

Johnchow dot com is hijacked

Johnchow dot com is hijacked. I am not saying that John’s website is hacked or something horrible has happened to his site. But again I have got to say that John’s site is hijacked and Michael Chibuzor did it.

He did it by his ultimate guest posting strategy. John’s site is his site but then John seldom posts useful content of late on his blog. I am not saying that the affiliate offers he sells are crap but people are looking for free information too, that’s what we call blogging. So Michael took this opportunity  into hand and optimised John’s site to bring him quality leads in buckets.

John doesn’t allow too many guest posters or posts which are repetitive on his blog, but when Michael started posting he unleashed such a torrent of posts on John’s site  that people started to know by the post title who had written it. Even if a guest poster has written something over at John’s people are so used to John Chow that they never bother to see who posted the content, but then Michael changed it all.

The ultimate guest blogging strategy, hijacking a popular blog

The ultimate guest blogging strategy is about creating epic content, content which makes a difference in reader’s lives and are emotionally engaging, replete dripping with facts and giving it away. Creating such content on a repeat basis and giving it away to the same blogger creates a magical effect of never ending leads rain, unique visitors and opt ins that you could never have achieved with a single post.

In deed so perfect was his strategy that he consistently gave away more posts on a daily basis to John Chow dot com than any other blog and it worked like hell. I was seeing more of Michael than John on and I then became a regular visitor to his blog, subscribed to his list and and am happy at doing so.

I guarantee that it has happened with many other readers too. I have been visiting John’s site for more than a year now and I never went to the guest poster’s site except on one occasion where a chat site owner told us his woes of depending on Google too much.

Michael Hijacked me with his voice

You have a voice, not not that voice , the voice which reflects you when you are blogging. The top bloggers speak in a style and manner so unique to him that we become addicted to him. You get regular readers based on the fact if your voice has attractive energy.

Whenever Michael  posted it was with the zeal of posting something so good that the world would stop its buzz. I have heard somewhere that even if what you do is sweeping the floor do i with such dedication and detail that heavens open and the Gods look at your work.

Something like that happens when Michael writes. He shares a passion of connecting with people. His voice tells me that if you would stop him and ask for a help he would abandon everything and come with you.

I did not bother about his voice at first but then the voice started showing itself everywhere. I heard it, tried to hide from it but then was addicted to it.

My mobile browser did not support the link behind his name at John’s site but I by hearted his difficult name and did a google search after opening my second browser and finally found his blog. Not only I did that, I commented about it and he replied me back…

Mighty guest blogging tip, network with readers

Whenever you Guest blog do not forget to subscribe to the comments on your guest post. Michael does that and whenever there’s a new reply he is there to get back to you and he has done that for all the 600 plus guest posts he wrote. Yes he has contributed to many blogs, the most to John Chow and keeps track of every comment.

Why he does that? To connect with bloggers. A reply means that I care!!! Read that again. Care! Show it. Who will then stop you from growing??

Many bloggers abandon the blog after guest posting. You are leaving half of your potential traffic, leads, opt ins and money by doing that. Guest blogging is about making connections from a better blog with your only tool being networking.

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