These  mistakes could be sabotaging your affiliate site.

Once you correct these mistakes you could add more to your bottom-line, get more visitors and stay relevant.

Don’t rely on solely one channel for revenue

Heard the old adage of putting all your eggs in one basket?

If you rely one just one revenue-stream and it dries up your life dries up along with that.

Amazon routinely bans affiliates. Almost every major network does.

The key is to diversify.

Finding more baskets. Or creating new baskets.

Here’s what I mean.

In this post I talked about how the Hummingbird update ruined Tung’s affiliate site. Much before these events, he started to embark on a diversification plan.

Instead of sending clicks to Amazon, he manufacturing and sourcing products himself. Amazon pays 3 to 5% commissions which translates to either few cents or single digit dollars. The products he sources nets him 80% markup.

Do this for enough products and he wouldn’t need Amazon again.

Don’t get all too worked up on keywords

Rather provide solutions.

Keywords are useful in the sense they give a sneak-peak into how people phrase what they want.

Keywords however don’t tell you what they want.

It’s your job to find out.

Say you are an affiliate marketer for an exercise machine.

Most articles would start with the definition of an exercise machine, include few images, add a list of pros and cons and may be include a table (since that helps them snag a featured snippet) and conclude the article.

Instead focus on how the exercise machine can help the end user.

Make it appealing.

Here’s how to do that.

Include real case-studies and testimonials of people who benefited from it.

Perhaps include videos of you using the product and the difference it made in your life.

Did the machine help you get toned? Build abs? Reduce tummy fat? Build those calf muscles?

A person keying in a keyword is often too far away from the intended action.

  • Perhaps he saw it an ad somewhere.
  • Perhaps his friend uses the machine.
  • Perhaps he’s been researching for weeks and is itching to pull the trigger.

The job is to craft content that appeals to people belonging to all these stages. That can be done only by talking about solutions.

Don’t ignore mobile optimization

The small screen is the future. And the future is here.

Mobile is evolving. More people are searching the web and visiting sites on mobile. They are deciding to shop, visiting local stores based on recommendations they get on their tiny screens.

Search engines are already heralding the change. AMP, PMP, Mobile-first are signs of the times.

Have you been ignoring them?

A large affiliate site needs approvals from many before it can implement changes. It can be a long time before they get their approvals and signatures and start optimizing.

You need not wait. Start optimizing for mobile now.

Here’s a Case study.

Conversions on mobile were far lower for Pura Vida bracelets.

A mobile-ready redesign for product pages delivered a 9.6% lift in conversions for the jewelry eCommerce site.