You may wonder if a post that’s already popular needs any optimizing.

But think of it this way: Even high converting landing pages have been optimized to boost conversions. So why not your own blogposts?

I would say you’ve won two-thirds of the battle. Not only is the post ranked high it’s one of the most popular.

Making it more popular is going to be a child’s play.

Here’s how

Update those blogposts

For example, one of my most popular posts on Seekdefo is ‘120+ sites that pay for guest blogging.’

Over time some sites either stopped publishing accepting guest posts or went zombie.

Despite that I didn’t get on my ass and update the post.

The post has stopped being relevant

Moreover the design sucks.

If I update it I am sure it would rank higher and bring more traffic than it already is. Removing those dead links would accelerate the growth.

In fact I could search every month for new blogs that pay for guest posts and update the list.

Why should you update blogposts?

Optimize traffic by source of origin

Your post might be getting traffic from search engines or social media.

If it’s social media then you could run paid ads and retargeting ad campaigns to get more visitors and make it more popular.

If its search engines you could do an outreach to your competitors.


Optimize on-page SEO

Optimizing the post for on-page SEO factors is never a bad idea.

Change the focus keyword.

Is it a review post?

You might want to add a rich snippet.

Various case studies show that snippets improve click through rates.

Add them to your newsletter

I am sure you have a newsletter campaign for people who just signed up.

A good tactic is to send your most popular posts to the subscribers.

They may or may not have seen it.

If they haven’t seen it what better way to cement relationships.

Add them to your thank-you page

Thank-you page is the page that visitors are redirected to when they give you their email address.

Most people leave it as such merely propping a thank you message.

There’s opportunity here.

People who have given your email addresses are hot leads. They have already performed a desirable action.

It’s not a stretch to ask them to do another. At worst, they won’t.

At best they’ll click through to the hottest posts on your blog.

Link to them in your other blogposts

There are many benefits of internal linking.

Linking out to them even in the most boring posts can lead visitors to an interesting content piece.

Higher engagement and improved retention.

Internal linking additionally has many SEO benefits.

Check for relevant questions on Quora and answer those with a link back to your blogpost

Quora can be a passive traffic engine if you know how to milk the cow.

I have found that Quorans aren’t great with clicking through to third party sites.

It doesn’t matter. As long as you can add some traffic back to your blog by being there 10 minutes every day you must be able to justify the time spent.

Also, it’s not about how much referral traffic you generate. It’s also about branding.

You have an option to mention your site’s name and it’s great to get more people to ‘see’ the origin of the content.

Guess what Quora has been absolutely wrecking every other competitor for long tail keywords. So your answer just might capture hundreds of long tails and bring search engine visitors too.


AB test post headlines

Did you know that Jon Morrow tests every headline that he writes?

Upworthy made each of their writers write 25 alternative headlines for each post.

How many do you write?

I am not asking you to test each headline of your blogposts. Though that’s not a bad idea.

But the most popular post— it warrants testing.


Write more like it and link them together

Say wordpress optimization tips is your most popular post.

They are many posts that you could write on similar topics. What about top 10 wordpress optimization speeds. Ultimate Guide to speeding up your wordpress site. List of best wordpress plugins and so on and so forth.

Link these posts together. Plugins post and a post on WordPress plugins for speed go together like tea and cake.

Bonus tips

Add content upgrades

Content upgrades are bonus pdfs that you can give away to post readers.

A post on traffic generation could do well with a content upgrade on best social media sites for free traffic.

I don’t know, test and see.

Your most popular post deserves a content upgrade. At least to thank the visitors.

Build traffic to related posts

Link out to other related posts from your popular post.

I mentioned about my post for paid guest posting sites. I linked out to another post that shows how to earn $200 for every guest post you write. It’s popular and sits well with the audience.