Almost everyone has a blog these days.

But the question I often get is whether I should publish on my blog or on Medium.

The lure towards Medium is substantiated.

According to data released last year Medium received 60 million visitors per month.

Presently, SimilarWeb puts the number at 126.62 million.

No small potatoes.

And Medium looks good.

So here’s the good and the bad

No regular publishing schedule needed to get traction

When you have a blog, a regular publishing schedule is the backbone of your enterprise.

Once you get off the hamster wheel it’s a lot of effort to going back to the same traffic levels you once enjoyed.

Medium stacks up the odds for you in this respect.

So an earth-shattering piece posted after 11 long months of inactivity can bring little to no traffic. Unless of course you’ve an email list. But that too is suspect.

Medium sends traffic to really good content.

User engagement signals are taken into account to tailor each user’s homepage with content that he is likely to be interested in.

While some have taken their entire blogs over to Medium, others publish only select content.

Social media integration

Each post you publish is syndicated across a wide number of networks result of which your content reaches a lot of social media channels and groups.

You can republish content from blog

With built-in import functionality you can easily import blogposts from your own blog to the platform.


The bad?

Less opportunities for branding

With Medium, your branding opportunities are pretty slim.

The brand is always Medium and seldom you.

Anyone who wishes to build a brand should go for self-hosted blog.


Less options for tweaking UX

With Medium, even though the site looks good and all, you can’t tweak things to your own favor.

If you feel that some other options is ideal for conversion optimization you can’t simply re-design everything and get those things.

Your creativity and vision are clipped.

Blog statistics are limited

Medium offers a primitive form of analytics that doesn’t agree with this age.

Compared to Google Analytics, Medium Analytics is a baby.

You’re only offered the number of views. You have no idea regarding the terms that bring you traffic and what ranks well and why.

The case for Medium

A blog requires writers and time spent on making it perfect.

You need to pay hosting bills.

Nothing’s free.

You don’t get a Done for you platform and have to learn to fix things and manage all the associated headaches. Your blog could also get hacked. Not so with Medium.

Final view

I think a blog is much better than Medium.

With Medium, the trade-off for 120 million visitors is apparent lack of control.

Medium like every other platform can cease to exist.

What happens then?

Your backlinks are gone. The brand you built on Medium disappears and you start from ground zero once again.

The risk far outweighs the benefits.

You can choose to republish some content on Medium but again backlinks go to that piece if content discovery is on the platform. It’s better to rather promote your blogposts.