eCommerce is about listing products and selling them right?

What has blogging got to do anything with it?

Here are a few reasons why your eCommerce site needs a blog.

Rest assured, with my examples you’ll know exactly what to write on your blog too.

Shall we?

Go blogging the Marcus Sheridan way

Everyone knows about Marcus Sheridan and his fiberglass company.

He wrote ONE post on different pool types and woke up to a different world.

No, he didn’t go intergalactic but what happened wasn’t very different for a pool company.

He started ranking for multiple keywords which then brought in 1.7 million sales.

Not bad for one article.

Build trust by blogging

Trust is the most important facet that allows sales and growth.

Do you think Amazon became what it became just because it has every product under the sun.

Amazon is known for its cutomer-centerdness. A customer who doesn’t like a product can return it. No questions asked. Refunds are processed immediately.

Amazon strives to provide honest reviews for its products. A few years back it cracked down on all fiverr sellers selling fake reviews.

The company sued sites selling fake reviews and does everything possible and within means to allow no review to live that’s not genuine.

On the other hand TripAdvisor removed rape reviews for its listed hotels.

Seeing that the shit hit the fan, the agreed to provide warnings on those listings.

You won’t see such behavior on the part of Amazon. The company culture policies and ethics reward customer focus and that makes Amazon what they are.

That takes a really long time.

A blog is a much easier way to connect with visitors and build rapport.

A sense of camaraderie doesn’t come easy in this world of distractions but the first step to getting loyalty is by appearing open.


What can you blog about?

Let me cite GrooveHq here. Though a Saas company the way it blogs builds customers for life.

Groove has been blogging about the changes and milestones they reach through their blog. It has built quite a following and given them links from multiple places.

Write about your brand and share updates. Write about what ‘new’ your eCommerce company is doing. Are there any plans for holidays? What’s the history behind the company? Did Jane, the SEO ninja save a puppy today? Bought someone coffee. Write about it.

Your Products- You could very well share stories of some of your products. An eCommerce store that sources products from ethnic Sudanese women share the stories of how the store changed their lives. They now have a consistent income source. They share the reason behind the many colors seen on the clothes they produce and the story behind where they came from.

Your Promotions- Write about your holiday promotions and big sale. Amazon always does Thanks giving sales. You can tell in advance which categories are going to be on sale and expected discounts.

Run a contest- Building initial traction can be put on steroids by running contests that give away something visitors would value. A tab, a reading tablet, or home cookware. Whatever makes your customers excited is right for the reward.