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Seekdefo is now a do follow blog plus commentluv premium review

We are now a do follow blog!!!

I had informed you guys about me participating in the nopassiveincome blogging contest and luckily I won the third week prize. There was no one competing against me(oops). Anyone who participated could have won.

Now because of participating in that competition I won a premium license of commentluv and justretweet account with 500 credits. Because of justretweet my twitter followers have increased phenomenally. But I am here to tell you the benefits of commentluv.

For a long time I wanted to enable my blog with commentluv premium but then the cash flow wasn’t in my tide. The reason being was a case study of the huge number of comments which Ehsan at guideandnews receives each day. It wasn’t like this from the very beginning. Ehsan used to receive only two or three comments to his blog when he started fresh but since the time he installed commentluv the visitor interaction increased by a wide margin. Yes visitors had their reasons like getting do follow link juice but then if we can get a live community through a plugin then so be it.

The guys at commentluv have integrated seven plugins into one:

1. Commentluv gives a do follow backlink to the links displayed along with the comment. This very fact encourages people to comment more and you get interaction. The next Google update may wash away sites without an active thriving community. Commentluv spares you the trouble.

2. Keywords in the anchor text- Commentluv gives an option of attaching keywords along with the post which means that you can cause your links to target different keywords and at the same time get link juice passed on to you. You can do this on a reward basis. Like ask your visitors to get 3 approved comments before being allowed to put in the keywords. You can also ask them to tweet or share the posts in exchange of being allowed to choose from a list of 10 of one’s posts..

3. Twitter integration- Yes readers can put their twitter id in the below the comments. You get a list of targeted people interested in your content whom you can follow and hopefully they will return the favour.

4. Advanced spam protection- There are always the bad guys lurking around trying to take advantage of your generosity in getting do follow backlinks. But then we have expert protection at hand.

5. Traffic analysis- With commentluv you get a detailed info on which links were clicked through the wordpress dashboard itself.

6.Top commentluvers- Displays a list of people who have commented the maximum number of times.

7. Trackback validation and no self ping- Well it stops from pinging your own posts which is a good thing.

To get your own commentluv go here


  1. I am not use commentluv premium plugin. But I use free commentluv plugin. However commentive plugin is helpful for increasing comment count. 🙂

    • George

      Thanks for the comment Raplus. I think that the premium one has more features. However the comments just explode with commentluv.

  2. Hi George, Congratulations and welcome to the CommentLuv family. I’m Ileane and I’m the Official CommentLuv Ambassador. I hope you see some of the same benefits from using CommentLuv that I do over on Basic Blog Tips.

    • George

      Thanks Ileane for dropping by. I did not know that you were the ambassador of such a wonderful thing. How to register on your site for guest blogging @ basicblogtips?

  3. Hi George

    Well done on winning the prize. I use the free version of Commentluv on my own website but am not sure what the value is of going premium – do you have any comments – like, if you’d had to pay for premium, would you do it, now you’ve started using it?

    • George

      Thanks Steve. As far as the use of commentluv is concerned and whether will I buy it given a chance here is your answer. A tool is as effective as its user wants it to be. For example I would make full use of every feature in commentluv. Here people can add their twitter ids and I get a list of targeted people whom I can follow. Secondly Iam building my page rank with the help of a tool called magic submitter by submitting press releases and guest blogging and when readers comment here they will get a do follow possibly pr 3 backlink in the future. That will encourage more comments and increase the freshness factor on google. That’s not all for people to select more than 10 posts they need to share my posts socially and they will do anything to get do follow anchor texted backlinks.

  4. MNB Achari

    Congratualations on winning! I have been using comment luv on my blog (though not premium). Seems going premium is a good idea.

  5. Michael

    I’m using the free version of Commentluv plugin and I’m happy with it. I don’t have plan to purchase the premium version as it takes a lot of money. Still free version could help me make my visitors place a comment for their backlinks.

  6. thanks for giving us a chance to get quality backlink. I can’t wait to leave you a comment and get a backlink.

    Vin DiCarlo

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