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Shoeinmoney review


It’s very rare that I recommend a clickbank product or selling anything that fetches me an affiliate income. When John Chow released his clickbank product last year, I wasn’t jumping up and down because I did not feel that the product has got anything extra to offer than what John already does. Moreover the quality of the posts was going down the drain each day.

But with Shoe in money I can say that the system has got much much more value than what I found with with John’s products.

It’s a complete system that will take any newbie blogger or marketer to a whole new level. Obese and in debt, Shoe rose from deep shit to becoming bigger than clickbank in a few years, his posts on blogging and making money online are notoriously clever and the way he takes us through each module in this system is just amazing.

I have provided a screen shot of the core contents of the book. It’s a step by step system which will allow you to master the money making secrets of a mega mind in as little as a month.

From the latest sensation of guest blogging to networking with like minded bloggers Shoe has covered it all. The product is a steal for just $47 and I recommend it to everyone whatever their level of expertise maybe.

See the 30 day action plan

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  1. Reeja

    The review looks genuine and you listed all the 30 day action plan
    will surely try it

  2. Jason James

    Heh, it is an OK program for someone who is just starting out, and it’s simply a rough overview to get people to buy the upsell.

    It doesn’t focus on building niche sites, which I feel is the fastest way to build an online business in the shortest amount of time. ShoeMoney and JohnChow tell newcomers to build a blog and just publish content, and you will make money through your valiant efforts, as if you can make money through sheer goodwill, but that is just not the case.

    The minute I stopped trying to make myself and authority, and focused on making sites specifically for the purpose of making me affiliate commissions, I made sells.

    • We can make money with authority sites if we stick with it for a long while like 1 year, but for quick bucks the best thing is niche sites. Seekdefo has made me only $100 but niche sites bring at least a $1000 every month.

  3. Luis

    This looks like a well though-out 30 day plan. Thanks for sharing it, I’ll be sure to share it with any friends looking to start a blog. Also, George, it’s true, the real money is in having a good niche blog.

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