When you’re new to blogging you fall for simple mistakes.

Fortunately or unfortunately, some of these mistakes are common to all bloggers.

As such I can write a few pieces of advice that you can actually use.

Being too salesy

Everyone gets it.

You write a blog and expect to make some income out of it.

But that dream almost never actuates into reality because you come across as a slick salesman who’s peddling snake oil.

Most readers can smell that from afar. And that’s probably why you don’t get too far with your offerings.

Rushing with your content

Instead of spending time crafting a piece of content that actually sits well your audience like peanut butter on sliced bread you’re hurrying to get content out there.

Mass produced content is akin to spam.

Thin, low quality, providing little to no value.

Producing boring affiliate content all the time

Yep, making those hosting affiliate commissions is your bread and butter.

No doubt to it.

But posting 5 best webhosting sites or its variations every month isn’t helping anyone, especially not your readers.

They’ve seen the content over and over and over again. Don’t do it. Seriously, just don’t.

No images

Lack of images only implies that you haven’t spent the time or effort to find them.

Images are a break from blocks of text all black on white.

Images add color and an extra angle of meaning and contour.

Use them.