Becoming a successful blogger doesn’t happen very easily.

At the face of it, blogging seems a level playground. It appears easy. Keep creating content and one day you’ll have all the traffic in the world.

But you don’t get away so easily.

It takes immense hard-work and lot of planning and smart work to get from A to B.

To become successful you need content that not only is written well but also resonates well and solves reader problems. You need a promotion strategy. And you need a plan to monetize the blog.

You aren’t successful until you can make money off of it.

Stop procrastinating

I recently read about an internet millionaire who became that with 9 months of effort. He created several dropshipping sites through Oberlo and 9 months later has had over a million in sales.

He says that he shouldn’t have waited to start.

So my advice is to just start even if you don’t know anything much. Often the universe conspires together to help you achieve your dream.

So knowledge, knowledgeable friends, industry experts and opportunities will present yourselves to you if you’re willing to take the cold shower.

Create something unique or take a unique approach

To create something unique you perhaps need to reinvent the wheel.

A unique approach however doesn’t take much of wheel reinvents.

Ever heard of Quora?

It’s a question and answer site that has gained a lot of popularity over the years.

There was already Yahoo Answers. So why did those guys actually create something similar.

Because like all things Yahoo, Answers was deadbeat.

Answers were mostly spam or contained little to no information. There was a huge untapped opportunity. Quora has millions of answers today- all of them user generated.

It has profiles of Barack Obama, Jimmy Wales and Facebook CTO on it.

People started creating and sharing content and over time it blew up. I visit it regularly because you get insights on how people live and behave. It’s the greatest source of how people think other than perhaps Google’s search engine query database.

Quora founders didn’t actually reinvent the wheel. They took a tested idea, put their own spin to it and made sure it doesn’t become a deadbeat.

How do you apply it to blogging?

The vast majority of content sucks.

Few blogs provide truly exhilarating prospects.

Be one among them.

And promote like crazy. You’re set.

Work on your strengths

If writing isn’t your forte but podcasting is podcast.

On the flip side if you find everyone, their cat, dog and grandmother podcasting but it doesn’t click with you and you rather feel like writing, write.

It doesn’t make much of a difference. Playing to your strengths, and being in your sandbox where you have total control and comfort is more important.



Being successful in blogging is hard work and blogging tests you for being a deserter or stickler. Only sticklers succeed.