You want targeted leads for your business?

Who doesn’t?

Boot-strapping’s essence is in discovering and following paths to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Use growth hacking techniques

Growth hacking isn’t a replacement for traditional marketing activities.

What it does is this: it finds methods and uses the ones that bring the most returns.

Growth hacking is marketing with nitro in your tank.

It’s more effective and it won’t burn your engine or the tires.

Adopt proven strategies with PPC

Let’s set the record straight once and for all.

PPC isn’t simply selecting a keyword, writing a blurb and setting an ad budget.

Then wondering why costs are high and conversions next to zero.

Being naïve with PPC can drown your entire marketing budget.

However, there’s no getting around payment.

You either pay in cash or time.

Fortunately, for those wishing to pay with time, certain PPC tips and tricks can pave the path.

Ever heard of Single Keyword Ad groups?

With SKAGs, you arrange your advertising in a more granular way, creating separate ads for each target keyword.

You have to check the performance of hundreds of ad variants to finally see the difference and pick the winner.

I can’t everything I want to on SKAGs in this post. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back. Jonathan has written a massive 3000 pound guide on the subject.

Adopt techniques that require little to no budget

If you’re a good writer along with being the CEO, CTO, manager, and engineer of your startup your time’s already split four ways.

Still you can choose to write articles or guest articles either yourself or take mercy on your own mental health and hire it out.

Writing a detailed post about a related field and doing outreach for links doesn’t cost anything but time. Loads of it.

SEO is free.

Guest blogging is free. Get the word out.


comScore study, reports on the benefits with retargeting ads. They led to 1046% increase in branded search and 726% increase in site visits. Moreover, the budget allocation for retargeting is increasing steadily.

Retargeting seems to have caught on big with marketers. The budget has doubled from 7 percent to 14 percent in 2014.

I can only imagine a much bigger share in 2018.

If I tell you what not do with your retargeting ads you can very well understand what should be done.

So, here’s what not to do?

You search for a product on an eCommerce site. After some minutes of comparison shopping you zero in on a site and purchase the product.

Big mistake!

Retargeting Ads follow you around like a restless spirit on a mission to make your life a living hell.

This is how Kunal Shah, CEO of FreeCharge puts it:

regret purchase 5 strategies for efficient marketing

Why would you want to show an ad to a customer who has already made a purchase?

You’re wasting your budget and making sure that the customer never buys again.

Dan Gilmartin, CEO of BlueConic has a similar beef with retargeted ads.

Having forgotten his password, good ol’ Dan decided to visit Hipmunk and reset his password.

Barely 30 minutes past his act, retargeting ads started following him asking him to create an account.

For the sake of everyone involved, targeting existing customers with a product they purchased or asking him to sign-up to a service he already uses is the digital equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot.

Don’t do that.

Share your story on Platforms like Indiehackers, Medium and such

Indiehackers has gathered a platform of startup enthusiasts. People love the platform for discovering, supporting, and getting to know about technologies and companies that could be useful to them.


It’s not very hard to arrive at strategies that can make marketing easier.

Yes it involves a bit of legwork but clearly the bark is worse than the bite.

Once you get acquainted with the basics, execution of more effective strategies becomes a simple task.

Do let us know what you think.