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Unseen tactics to market your blog

Writing blogposts and marketing your blog are two different ball games.

While you might always be able to type your heart away with each blogpost, if others don’t know it exists you better have not created it.

An already popular blog doesn’t need any marketing mojo to get its content before the desired audience. Google indexes her posts ASAP, it might even start to rank high because of the domain’s authority and the social media account would already be teeming with life.

For the rest of us mortals, here are a few tactics:

Turn your blogpost into a pdf

At the face of it, the idea seems kind of primitively naïve. Bear with me a second.

For this to work, the particular post has to be long-form and provide particularly hard-to-find gems of advice and inanely useful content.

OR a list post. For instance, 100 business sites that accept guest posts.

Now that we have that out of our paths, let’s move ahead with why this idea works and how.

People have a habit of saving up useful content. Whether they get to use it later is a matter of irrelevance. What matters is as humans, we’re hardwired to stock pile. It’s an impulse that has persisted from our cave-man, bone-wielding, wife-beating past.

If you offer a pdf version of your blogpost in exchange for their emails, odds are you get a lot of them.

It doesn’t take any effort for you to do that. It’s a readily manufactured content upgrade and while it might sound like the laziest bum in all of internet marketing history came up with the idea— this actually works for inexplicable reasons.

What has any of this to with marketing?

Because if you got a list you can send them similar and more posts every now and then. With average click through rates of 30 to 50% you’re getting a lot of eyeballs for zero work.

Isn’t that the best marketing tactic you ever read?

Tell me in the comments. Don’t go yet. There’s more.

Create ads on Outbrain

Outbrain is an ad-platform that promotes other people’s content. The bar for entry is low. You might have come across these ads at least once. Try to remember those miracle diet pills that people in your local area are killing zombies for.

Yeah its clickbait mostly. And perhaps that’s why Outbrain and similar services have got a bad rep.

But it’s also a great avenue to get content before other people.

You won’t find a lot of bloggers in the blogging niche getting high on Outbrain but it should work for Food, photography, news sites, viral post sites and so on and so forth.

Some would frown on me for listing a paid service.

But if you got the money, the channel’s not half bad. Create, promote.

What’s attractive about the platform is the low CPC for clicks compared to almost every other PPC or ad platform.

Offer physical copies of eBooks on Facebook contests

Facebook contests offer the potential to make your contest go viral.

You could offer physical copies of your eBooks to a relatively small niche audience and watch it blow up as the contest details go from ear to ear.

Make sure that the offer makes sense to them and something that they’d find valuable.

A big prize might get a lot of entries but from people who aren’t really into your brand. They’re in it for the money. They don’t care about you. They’re perpetual shifters, who go from page to page to find contests and participate to win the grand-slam.

You don’t want those people. So don’t offer One plus one or a Merc.

Exchange talents

You know a pretty good deal about graphic design.

Offer that a service to bloggers who need it and you might find them obliged to give something in return.

Perhaps a guest post or free mention to their blog readers or subscribers.

You never know.

Robert Cialdini’s book, Influence states that when you do something for others, they feel obliged to return the favor in fervor.


It isn’t maths to find out and apply new ways to promote your blog and get people to your site.

Some practice, trial and error and experimentation and you ought to be set for life.


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    What is the use of turning blog post in to pdf ? How it is useful ?

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