Conductor searchlight tracks thousands of search queries in sectors like business, finance, insurance, loans and retail.

In total the team tracked 150 million keywords across verticals representing a total of 327 million searches for Quarter 3.

The news may be surprising to some to learn that it’s not Amazon that dominates organic search.

Brushing aside Amazon’s ubiquitous presence in search engines, Macy’s rules the roost.

For 168 million terms Macy’s has 7% share, Nordstrom has 6% and Amazon only 5%.

In winter clothing a supposedly strong segment for the holiday season ahead, Macy’s, Dick Sporting Goods and Nordstrom each take home 7% share with Amazon close on the heels at 6%.

A few other strong contenders are Pinterest, JC Penney and Columbia. Not just for pinning eh?

The rest of the search share is divided among others— which might consist of both small and large online retailers.

Conductor also notes that other form of SERPs results feature prominently.

For example, Answer Boxes have been dominating first page results for over 20000 different queries since January 2017. The trend is likely to become mainstream as time goes by.

Except for retail, travel and hospitality answer boxes feature in the first page for 54% to 80% of queries.

Real estate queries on the other hand are dominated by local search packs.

search share retail amazon The lion’s share in organic search belongs to Macy’s not Amazon