Emotions are what differentiate a blogger from the corporate pack. A blogger carries the swag and freedom to write exactly like he feels.

Great content, frequent updates, useful posts, great design all are part of a blog. But I could relegate them all to being half of the story.

A blogger should be able to connect with his readers, talk to them.

A story that triggers emotions makes them connect. You could very well write dry and drab posts and with some links and frequent blogging get them to rank.

But what makes people stick is if you’re able to trigger those emotions.

High valence, surprise are all emotional triggers that helps you reach out to them.

Storytelling should include those triggers. So tell a story, preferably yours.

Inspire others

Inspire your readers with your story of how you got started, the initial hours you spent blogging and the time spent each day.

Talk about your schedule.

Talk how your successes and your failures. How did an experiment fare?

Did the experiment bring the results that you hoped for?

Talking about all these things makes you appear vulnerable but not a snob-job.

Yes, readers aren’t your support group. But talking about failures is educative. They can be inspired and learn from your mistakes.

Tell others about your vision

For example, Joanna Wiebe for copyhackers talks about her vision for life.

Why she went from doing copy to creating software? Yes copywriting makes for a nice income but comes with a ceiling.

A ceiling that can’t be wished away. In that place a software sells itself. You don’t need to run behind it.

Telling people about your vision makes people purchase your product because you believe in it.

Build a relationship

Readers don’t just come to your blog for nothing. They are the ones who trust and you trust back to purchase your products, click your ads or make you affiliate commissions.

So a relationship goes a long way in connecting and supporting.

How to do that?

Reply to those comments.

Mail them back with answers to their doubts.

Foster those moments and get them to ask their doubts.

This is how you connect with your readers.

Be authentic

Don’t take flip-flops on your stand.

If you’re someone supporting a particular way of doing things then stick by it.

The current SEO landscape is divided into two: Whitehat and Blackhat. If you’re someone who only posts whitehat link-building tactics stick your guns with it.

Don’t run from post to post and confuse your readers. Both camps have loyalists and it isn’t easy to attract both to your blog.

Also, involve readers at different levels.

For example, Kim Roach of Buzzblogger recently asked her followers if they are introverts or extroverts. Open ended questions can fuel discussions which in turn can help boost blog traffic.

Paint pictures


Use visual imagery when you communicate. Most ace bloggers use a lot of idioms when they write blogposts.

Idioms enthrall audiences forming mental pictures when they read your content.

This kind of imagery is particularly great for connecting with an audience and keeping them engaged.


Emotionally connecting with your blog readers is perhaps the best thing you can do for your business today.

People want genuineness and warmth which the world is busy to provide anyone with.

Be different.