Sitting and staring blankly at the white screen doesn’t help with blogpost ideas.

Blogging then becomes a game of chance rather than being driven by data or plan.

That’s akin to digging your own blogging grave.

Here are a few ways on achieving that.

Start building your list of ideas

Whether you jot it down with pen and paper or use a digital platform like Evernote what it boils down to is keeping a list of ideas that you can refer to time and again.

The inspiration need not spring from within you. You can look around popular posts on other blogs and work from there.

Give those titles your own spin rather than copy-pasting exactly as they are.

You can improve upon those ideas, alter those ideas or probably delete them later on.

As your cache of ideas grows larger and bigger in size you’d be equipped to come up with ideas on your own.

Ask readers what they need help with

A feedback form or widget like Qualaroo can come in handy.

People struggle with problems all the time. Problems they need urgent solutions for.

A simple question: What should I write next about goes a long way in bridging that gap.

Find if the question is popular enough. Not the exact question per se but keywords around the question and if it is go right ahead.

If not, consider if the idea is interesting enough or exciting enough and if so start writing.

Ask readers what their favorite posts are

WordPress does a really good job at helping identify and listing popular posts.

But, posts that really jell-well with your readers may not be the ones that comes up at the other end of an algorithm.

Sure, they get tons of search engine love.

But they don’t capture hearts.

Asking your readers is your best bet to find out posts that they really enjoyed reading and often refer to time and again.

You can email, phone or do a Facebook poll to find their reactions.

Brainstorm with your team or peers

If you’ve a writing team behind the blog, a brainstorming session can put a pause on the hamster wheel.

Ideas, thoughts and desires that haven’t been expressed before can find an outlet in this well-needed pause.

Ask your team what they think should be on the blog next.

If you don’t have a team your peers become the team by extension.

People who you’ve networked with, added comments on blogposts and so on.

Ask them what’s keeping them awake at night and hotbed topics they’d like to write about on their blogs.

Give it your own unique twist and start keying away.

Write about what you’ve learned

If you keep learning a new thing every day, you won’t have enough days to jot them all down on your blog.

It’s a splendidly good technique to come up with fresh ideas.

Do it yourself posts like these never cease to amaze, educate and enlighten.

Don’t give up the opportunity of learning something new and applying it to your business. While sharing what you’ve learnt with others as well.