Writing better blogposts is every blogger’s dream.

Nobody blogs just because they want to see their thoughts on a digital platform.

Fame, name, riches and recognition are what drive bloggers.

No shame in that.

But often people give up too early.

Reason being their posts aren’t getting any traction. Not being able to write better is a blog killer.

Here’s how to solve the problem and come out flying.

Know your audience

What has blogging and shooting arrows in the dark have in common?


And that’s the way it should be.

Except it’s not.

Most people write a lot of blogposts hoping, praying that something sticks.

Perhaps it will. But that’s no way to build a sustainable blogging business.

Building a buyer persona is the first step in the right direction in getting to know your audience.

Let’s say you run a savvy crafts blog.

How do you write blogposts that cater to the right audience? By first determining the right audience.

Who visits your blog?

Are they young mothers with lot of free time?

Or are they 50 year old retirees?

Is craft just a hobby for them or do they plan on building a sustainable income out of it?

The right answers to the first two questions will set the tone for your blog.

The answer for the third question will determine if building and selling courses will be worthwhile.

Reader surveys go a long way in helping plan these things.

Get mentorship

If you suck at writing, get a mentor to help you out.

Otherwise ask a fellow blogger to go through the posts you’ve written and provide some feedback.

Imagine that a friend is sitting beside you. Write the way you’d talk to him.

Conversational copy is the need of the hour.

Your blog readers need to be entertained.

Find examples of well-written content

Sites like copyhackers and smartblogger periodically publish content that rocks.

It’s mesmerizingly beautiful.

Emulating writers on the site would help you write better blogposts.

These writers have years of experience and tons of practice.

It shows through every blogpost they write.

Enrich your vocabulary

When you go through these sites you’ll find that most writers have a rich vocabulary. They don’t stuff each article with dozens of ‘hard’ mundane keywords but sprinkle a few here and there.

The blogpost in turn becomes delightful but not something that you need to consult a dictionary for.

Research how they use words and phrases and idioms.

Even copy those sentences into your swipe file and make them your own.

Plan your articles

If you don’t plan to write, you plan to fail.

Heard this old maxim?

You may haven’t. I made that up.

But the principle stands. If you randomly spew out whatever comes to your mind, you are no better than someone shooting arrows in the dark.

Planning is essential to getting any result.

I would suggest that you have a blogging/editorial calendar with posts spaced out.


Writing better blogposts is equal parts science and art.

You have a natural flair for the written word but that alone won’t suffice when blogging.

Plan and execute well.