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5 ways to generate traffic to your blog

Ryan Deiss says that you don’t have a traffic problem. What you have is a conversion problem. If I told you that you’d get $10 for every website visitor wouldn’t your bring visitors to your site even at $10?

Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog.

Here are a few ways that have worked for a lot of people.

Forum posting

Forums have a large number of people extremely interested in a niche topic.

There may only a few active forums for any given niche: most fall into disrepair after a few years or months of activity. The community dies of or the moderators become too lazy.

For any given niche there would be forums be it travel, food, internet, Internet marketing and so on.

Some of these forums allow signatures although the number of such forums is dwindling by the day.

See if the forum administrators allow you to post a link to your blogpost. For some of my niche sites I did the same. I simply asked and they allowed.

Blog commenting

Probably this is the first thing anyone with a blog starts doing.

If you’re the first to comment on a popular blog’s latest blogpost you can drive some traffic to your site.

The best way to keep track is to subscribe to their email updates.

Agreed, it isn’t the best way and you don’t get truckloads of traffic but a few trickles every day build up.

Guest posting

One of the most abused ways of getting a backlink today.

Don’t see it just as a means of getting a backlink but as getting your brand out there.

You can drive significant amount of traffic and build a great rep for yourself by creating and guest posting content that’s really really useful.

If you post about a popular topic on any popular blog you’ll be seen as an authority on that particular topic and you might even land consultancy gigs.

It’s not a means to drive traffic but also a means to be seen as an authority figure.

Free course or free plugins or free site theme

This needs for you to be a bit popular in the niche.

Labnol released its theme for free early on. This helps with branding.

Everyone sees the cool theme your blog has and starts asking around. Soon word spreads and there are thousands of blogs running on the same theme.

Daily blogging or very regular blogging

In the initial years of your blog, I’d recommend blogging daily or at least on a very regular basis.

What this does is it forces search engine bots to crawl your site and index content.

Search engines be like, Yo fellow bots check that site out, Always posting new stuff. Check and see if there’s something new.

Frequent updates drive organic traffic and higher search engine positions.

I have tried this again and again and it always works period.


Podcast is the new black.

Pat Flynn of SmartPassiveIncome has almost moved entirely to podcasting. And he gets the best of both worlds.

He interviews successful entrepreneurs. Interviews always trend and combining podcasts with interviews steps up the traffic game.

If you’re a regular visitor you know the in-depth content that’s on the table.


Driving traffic to your blog in the initial stages is hard work.

You need to bust your ass.

Every blogger of note that you see today, started busting ass way back in 2008. They published content when there were no readers or email subscribers and not many monetization channels or angles.

Their persistence paid off.

A blog is like those free energy machines which once start going are unstoppable.

Good luck.



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  1. sunny

    Loved your idea for increasing traffic on the blog, Specially free stuff, I will try creating something that excite my visitors,
    Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas, I will surely to increase traffic on my website.

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