Getting more clicks to your ads can improve their positions and eventually lead to less costs.

It isn’t about writing an ad, slapping some keywords and hoping that everything turns out right.

Surprise surprise when there are no clicks and the few that are there don’t convert.

Visitors are driven to ads that are relevant to them and a higher relevance is what Google wants. That doesn’t spoil User Experience for their visitors.

There are some hidden gems within Adwords that isn’t common to most stuff you’d find online.

One reason why they work so well.

Here’s how you can get better click throughs and generate more profit with Adwords.

Negative keywords

Negative keywords tell Adwords for which keywords you don’t want the ads to show up.

Negative keywords streamline the ads to make it much more relevant.

What are the different types?

Three- exact, phrase and broad match keywords. You can add negative keywords to any of these match types to make ads more relevant.

Use Location bidding

If you’re targeting your ad globally you’ll find that your ads stop being relevant in all places.

For example, Australia celebrates Christmas in summer. So your ads for winter clothing might be relevant for western countries like US and UK in December but won’t bring any clicks in Australia.

That’s pretty obvious right?

Additionally a term like December clothing would make no particular sense to Australians.

I would also say that whittling to particular geo locations with personalization would be better.

Say you’re in New York.

Would you like to click through to an ad that offers something for Residents of New York?

Or would an ad stripped of all personalization effects make more sense?

Value Track parameters can help with this. They help identify searches by their location.

However, targeting by location doesn’t always make sense.

Here’s why.

If I am in Australia and am planning to go to United States in December, I’d surely be looking for winter clothes. So my search might go something like winter clothes USA.

Or how cold it is in USA and things like that.

So it makes more sense to target users by their intent too.

Value track parameters allows that too.

Duplicate keywords

Duplicate keywords compete with each other in the account.

They’re a big drain. Google adwords doesn’t stop you from adding the same keywords spread across multiple campaigns.

Each campaign competes against same keywords.

The best thing you can do is click through and see which ad is converting and keep the keyword intact there. Remove it out from the other campaign.

You will get better Click through for the surviving ad.

Dynamic keywords

These are gold.

I’ve seen my share of marketer talk on keeping the smell. If searches see ads relevant to what they’re searching for they’d be delighted.

CTR will skyrocket.

With dynamic keywords, you can leave out an empty space which will be replaced by the searcher’s keywords.

So those long-tails you haven’t thought will attach themselves within the ad making ads appear hyper-relevant.

The trade-off is that it’s impossible to modify the landing page copy with every dynamic ad. So might lose some conversions there.


These little hidden strategies are powerful forces that can take ad optimization to a whole new level.

Keep track of what you’re doing and optimize ads accordingly and you should be able to make this work for you.