Of the hundreds of ways to make your site popular, I am sure you tried a few.

Almost everyone is on the same bandwagon of tricks.

The problem with tricks is when too many jump in, the tricks lose their charm.

But there are a few time-tested ways that always find their mark.

It’s proven, repeatable and works.

Here’s what you can do to build an audience online:


Build a brand, no build an authority brand

A memorable logo, style of writing, unique voice are common elements that brands share.

Customers can recognize the fav brands a mile off.

Brands build an aura around themselves that is recognizable and easy to relate to.

Authority brands however are experts at shipping out content that’s practical and ready-to-apply.

Much like instant meals. Open, heat and eat.

Smartblogger has built a brand around itself that caters to writers. Every writer looks up to the site in the hope of receiving wisdom that can change their writing for better.

Over time it has become the number 1 go-to resource for people to learn how to write.

The advice is distilled into engaging content that keeps them coming back for more.

One BIG reason why courses priced at $10,000 are sold within minutes of opening.

Copyblogger is all about copywriting— email copy, landing page copy and copy in all forms and sizes. There are tools like AirWriter that help ideation to research to shipment.

They not only get clients who are willing to drop 100,000 or more on landing page redesign, they also get people ready to buy their courses the minute it goes live.

That’s the power of brand-building.

I can cite endless examples of brand-building. But it isn’t necessary.

You got the point?

Authority doesn’t come in a few minutes of a day dedicated to blogging. Spend 10 hours on your blog creating content that’s gonna be useful.



Email content that’s really great

In the spirit of authority building, let me share some advice that in my knowledge only 2 or 3 people in the industry get right.

You may or may not have heard of Viperchill. It’s not updated any longer but when it was Glen the man behind the show ensured that the content knocks your socks right off your feet.

Every single piece of content was crafted to be sock off-worthy.

Geesh I invented a new word.

I started off with email marketing but content too has align with email to make it work.

Glen has branched of two sites: Detailed and Gaps.com

Gaps identifies opportunities that anyone can jump into and make money off.

Detailed writes about multiple link-building and content promotion quick wins. It’s a massive collection of case studies.

What has it got anything to do with emails?

Glen only emails when there’s something really useful. I think I have never missed opening any mail.

I am someone who keeps my inbox clear of all promotional mailings. I generally don’t subscribe to blogs. I’d rather go and read the content.

That’s why I don’t mind the promotional bit when Glen has to promote a course.

With Glen I make doubly sure that content reaches me.

It helps me.

It educates me.

It’s engaging.

Rarely do you find something that isn’t engaging. I haven’t found anything so far.

That’s the power of emailing content that’s really great.

Probably that’s the reason I can think of only a few names that do it right.


Reach out to readers

Those first few readers who actually bother to engage with your blog are your BFFs.

They’re going to promote your content, link to it and write about you.

They love you.

Love them back.


It would put your blog marketing on nitro.

Most of the advice on blogging is limited to sharing content. Some go ahead and build buyer personas to create content that appeals to each persona.

But nothing can replace word of mouth marketing.

To ensure that it happens on a regular basis respond in kind.

Help people.