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Why Blogengage is the best place for networking and sharing content?

Blogengage is a community of bloggers and the most interactive of bloggers’ community out there. The benefit of being in an interactive blogging community is that your content gets shared and noticed and talked about. How did I hear about Blogengage? Its from my friend at oddblogger that I got introduced to Blogengage. His posts on how he won the various contests organised at Blogengage gave me an impetus to join Blogengage.

Yes blogengage is very famous for organising blogging competitions one after the other and the prizes too are heavy. Just recently the winners of the $500 competition were announced. You can easily win the contests and  and get lot of exposure at the same time. Blogengage allows us to submit  articles to it and it will be placed in queue and promoted by the members to the main page. Well much like Digg you should say. There are many advantages to joining Blogengage and I will be explaining them to you below.

Coffee with Keisha at blogengage

Do you know Keisha of weblogbetter? Or Ileane  of basicblogtips. Yes they are all at blogengage and we can interact with the top bloggers in the industry. Ever felt like if you could talk to such and such person and know how have they reached to this position. It really happens at blog engage.

They will comment on your posts, vote for them and even visit your blog. There is no other way that you are going to catch the attention of top notch bloggers. Once you build a strong relationship with top notch bloggers you won’t be daunted  to ask them for guest posting opportunities. Have you ever thought about interviewing the people you look forward to? Think of the traffic they can bring to your blog if they link to your article on their twitter page.

The voting system at blogengage

There’s a voting system in place at Blogengage which  ensures a fair chance to anyone submitting their posts making it to  the front page and get loads of traffic. The bloggers who are there are in for serious business as they have paid $20 dollars for a lifetime membership and if your article is genuine they will appreciate it as well.

This is the benefit of membership sites. The spammers do not approach them and people who are there do not spam so that they do not lose their premium account.

Increase your knowledge about your niche by reading other’s posts

Not only you get to share your content you also get to read high class content from the experts. You may not know the masters in your own niche or other quality bloggers and you cannot discover everything on your own. But here you get to know them by their articles and also stay informed of the latest trends in blogging. I would say that it has combined the features of digg and stumbleupon in that you discover quality articles by a lot of members.

It is a community of serious bloggers. Whenever you submit your work there you get  you solid pr 4 backlinks to your blog and attention.

  $10 on signing up to the Blogengage affiliate program

When you join blogengage’s affiliate program you get $10 as sign up fee and if you manage to get referrals to blogengage then you get another $10 per each referral. You can cashout  when you reach the minimum payout of $25 via PayPal.

For those simply do not have the money you can join blogengage for free just by writing an article about  blogengage and promoting blog engage on your site by putting an affiliate banner. This step was taken in order that small bloggers like me do not miss out a great platform for lack of money. The only feature missing will be automatic rss syndication and you have to manually submit an article. That’s a lot less than what we can actually afford.

125x125 blogengage Why Blogengage is the best place for networking and sharing content?

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