Outreach emails for links has turned into a circus of late.

Scores of spammers go about their day sending thousands of nameless clueless emails to bloggers to get a link.

The days of spray-and-pray approach are long dead.

It doesn’t work. Or has pretty low bandwidth.

Some might stick. The vast majority land in the spam folder.

Here’s why your outreach emails don’t get the desired results.

Let’s start with the emails themselves.

Your emails are all wrong

Data from SEJ reveals that 40% of bloggers turn down outreach offers because of the outreach email. The pitch was so bad that they didn’t feel like collaborating with the brand.

Lack of personalization and a totally cluelessness of who the blogger is and what he represents often being the point.

It’s a moot point. If you don’t know the blogger who you’re reaching out to, the blogger doesn’t know you.

Still. The situation today isn’t vastly different from 2008.

The next few points go without saying.

Always include their name. Don’t address them as Sir/Madam.

You shouldn’t be writing an email if that’s your pitching strategy.

It’s ideal if you reach to the blogger or meet them in person. Meeting them in person isn’t always tangible. Reaching out with a simple hi or hello and getting to know them with a few personal questions always helps towards cementing the relationship later on.

If a blogger decides to associate him with your brand it’s a big step. Reputation and loyal readership are on the line. Don’t expect to be in the inner circle too soon.

Too many demands on the table

Most sponsored listings get a no follow link. That’s the norm.

You ask for a do follow link and you’re inviting trouble.

Most bloggers aware of the algorithmic fluctuations and penalties won’t risk a do follow link for a sponsored post.

On the other hand, outreach for a blogpost you’ve written might get you a follow or no follow link.

That’s completely the prerogative of the blogger in question and not for you to decide.

You might offer a bribe to sweeten the deal like tweeting their article to your thousands of followers but positing a demand isn’t the best case scenario.

Your brand is traditionally associated with link spam

I am talking about you payday loans, gambling, casino and pharma sites.

Blogger outreach doesn’t work with these niches.

As always spray and pray might net you some links. Good luck getting them to stick.

I don’t know how link-building works in these niches.

But a blogger with some self-respect won’t link to sites in these niches.

It isn’t even worth trying.

So beat it.

You haven’t spent time researching

Some bloggers won’t do a sponsored posting. They won’t appreciate offers for linking out to. It isn’t how they roll.

Some are hobby bloggers for whom getting paid to do something is sacrilege.

Spend some time researching content that’s a month-back and you’ll see if there are sponsored listings available.

If not, fly away.

The second thing is spend time getting to know the blog. What kind of posts resonate with the data.

You could do some stealth keyword research to find what they rank for.

Proposals close to what they generally write may feel well with their core ethics and as such likely to garner responses.

Pitching a homestead blog with your latest gadget wouldn’t jell-well. Homestead bloggers pride themselves for the off-grid lifestyle. They’re self-sufficient. They don’t need another piece of technology to mess with their lives. They hate the government and evil forces that are set to overtake the earth.

Don’t commit foolhardy.


A great pitch, some research and little getting to know is often enough to make blogger outreach work for you.

Try a few methods until you find something that sticks and consistently gets results.

That’s all there is to it.

Do let me know how it works for you.