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Wow now listen to music when you are swimming

Music is something that is very dear to all of us. It goes in the background while we do other things,provides a rhythm to life. What if we could listen to music while we were swimming too, while we were underwater. It sounds incredible but it’s quite true, waterproof i pods and waterproof headphones have been developed which can be used to listen to music while we are underwater.

For example a company called underwater audio waterproofs iPod shuffles from inside out and after testing it beyond 200 feet in all kinds of water like salted and fresh they are found to be working. They use home developed technology which does not allow the iPods to go bad or stop working when in water. At the same time the user can wear them while doing any kind of water sport.

It can withstand rain, sleet, snow, and humidity, and can be submerged up to 20 feet underwater, guaranteed and nothing in the industry beats it.

The story behind the development of underwater iPods is truly inspiring. The founder wanted to listen to music while he swam but unfortunately there was not a single product that he could actually trust. He was an engineer and soon he took it as a challenge to develop something that was truly water proof. After weeks of testing and tweaking,after endless hours of frustration he came upon the product which can withstand anything.

And if you cannot find any use for it you may gift it your friend who is a swimmer or athlete. Their performance is bound to improve as they stay longer underwater with these new gifts.

Here are some main features:

  • Completely waterproof and tested to up to 210 feet underwater
  • Dual Layer Waterproofing lasts at least twice as long as other technologies. It creates a water proof shield.
  • Industry leading 2 year warranty
  • No special care need,can be rinsed after use
  • Corrosion proof and Shockproof
  • No bulky case or outer shell needed
  • Safe to plug and unplug headphones underwater
  • Safe to use on-off switch underwater, do you believe it( hint:it’s true)

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  1. Luis

    Incredible, I remember always thinking as a kid that I would never be able to take my CD player into the water. Waterproof cd players came along and I guess it was only a matter of time until ipods followed suit.

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