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How to make $5 to $6 every hour with postloop?


Postloop is one platform that I have been using since months to generate some sort of income to me. Even though I shared about the platform and many people have signed up I have seen that not many are doing anything about it.

The potential with Postloop is that you can earn $5 to $6 every single hour by posting on forums, they need posts and you need money.

I have therefore made a short video to make you understand how it works since the interface is a bit tricky.

You need to sign up to postloop and get to your dashboard.

Below that page you will find the faq section. Click on that and and you will get a series of questions.

Click on How do I get started and you will get an option for the answers to be on the top of the page.

You will be now on a page with a link to the post loop portal. The portal is a different place and you need to sign up once more. You can use the same credentials that you used for the main account. After that come to the page where you started, the one with the link to the postloop portal and click on the subscribe button.

You will be given an option to enter the information username and password to the portal and do that.

Once done start posting 10 post on the portal. Make it high quality for if they do not meet the minimum criteria of good grammar, you will not be accepted.

See the video and ask me all the questions you can.


  1. Looks great! Will defiantly give this a shot! Thanks! It may only be $5 per hour but if I do it for a few hours every day, its a good bit for a good Friday night out!

  2. I really hope that we can make $5-$6 too in 1 hour. Anyways thanks for sharing the great effort.

  3. Wow !! Sounds pretty cool.I think Iā€™m going to give it a try. Hope it will be a great fun. Thanks for sharing this interesting idea with us.

  4. Seems interesting to me… will give it a try atleast once..

  5. Can I use it on just three months old blog with approx 600 unique visitors per day?

    • I did not understand your question. You are supposed to write forum post on ” Postloop” not your blog.

  6. Jason James

    I am looking to see more videos. Keep up the good work.

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for sharing about postloop. At first, I was wondering how come they can pay you an amount of money. After go to their website, now I understood the concept behind it. This should someone fun to try out!

  8. I do not know about postloop, but it seems pstloop very interesting to try, you’ve given a good overview of postloop, thank you for the information

  9. Hey George,
    Thanks for sharing this opportunity. I’m off to checking it šŸ˜‰

  10. Your video demonstration was simply superb and after reading your blog post it seems to be easy to earn US$5 to 6 per hour.

    Siddhartha Sinha

    • Glad that you liked but I do not feel that my video was great, needs lot of improvement

  11. Amazing idea, I think.

  12. Kaushal

    Hi Mr. George,
    It’s good video provided by you.
    One request sir, can u please provide any more helpful idea for 10 quality posts because recently i joined postloop and i don’t know about the posts quality andhow types posts we have to posted there for getting good rating, so can u please elaborate it or can u make any post on your blog regarding 10 quality posts for posloop for new joiners and i m sure so many users will come to your blogs because when i search on google regarding 10 quality post and got so many result but don’t get any result regarding 10 quality posts.
    so if u can create any post for this.
    it’ll good not for me only but most of users and the reason to tell you is this as i saw above u r replying of users so that i selected to you for this Mr. George.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Well you just have to focus on the grammar part. You can write about anything

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