Any aspiring blogger wishes dearly for an Adsense account and not only bloggers but big business sites are making a killing with Adsense,example plentyoffish. Seekdefo does not have an adsense account simply because it does not qualify to have one yet but if you have an Adsense account on your site then I think you are leaving a lot of money on the table,probably more than you are making.

1. Adsense cheats you of money

Take the case of my friend from bloggerspassion who makes a $675 per month by selling Hostgator some space on his blog.

FireShot Screen Capture  003 My Monthly Income and Traffic Report for July 2012 bloggerspass1 5 ways how Google AdSense is cheating you of cash

But he could have actually made more if AdSense was not cheating him of his money.  Well just below his 40% off Hostgator banner there’s an AdSense ad of 1 cent Hostgator hosting. I love his site but when it comes to spending money I would have tried to save it by opting for the 1 cent option and even be not aware of the loss I was causing him. For every 25 cents he gets from AdSense he is losing $50 in referral fee.


FireShot Screen Capture  010 2010 February bloggerspassion com 2010 02 thumb 5 ways how Google AdSense is cheating you of cash



FireShot Screen Capture  009 2010 February bloggerspassion com 2010 02 thumb 5 ways how Google AdSense is cheating you of cash

The only reason he is making some money off Hostgator is because that the AdSense ad is placed lower than his affiliate banner.

So what can you do to earn money other than AdSense? Many bloggers and webmasters prefer Buy Sell ads but they charge a commission almost equivalent to Google acting as a middleman. You end up losing money in the process which was to be yours.

The option which I find to be the most profitable in these cases is OIOpublisher. It is also available as a plugin for WordPress blogs. What it does is it automates the process of buying ads. Once approved the advertisers can directly upload their ads and there is no middleman cut. It costs $47 but you can cover it with the first sale itself. Matt Llyod an affiliate making millions advises that a blogger should never involve in  activities which do not make him money. Scouring for advertisers is not for you, let OIOpublisher direct do it for you.

2. You are wasting precious ad space for few cents

The trouble with AdSense is that being a Google innovation its way too smart. Most of the times the ads just make sense and visitor are bound to click on them with you making a profit of $.25 to $1 every time it happens. Consider the scenario where the clicked ads lead over to a sale. Your profit may range from $50 to $100. For a few cents you are betraying yourself. Not only that visitors go away from your site every time they click an ad. They are distracted from your content, they do not become a member of your list, nothing good happens. Here’s what John Chow has to say about the reasons of not using AdSense on his site . For him direct advertisers make him more money than AdSense.

3. You are allowing competitors to take away your traffic by using Google AdSense

For a few dollars you can Advertise on your competitor’s site if your competitor is using Google AdSense. The same scenario can be reversed. A smart tool called Site match allows you to place ads on sites with content similar to yours and drive a good portion of the traffic to your site. It always comes cheaper than buying direct advertisement and works the same wonder an excellent guest post would do, but without the trouble. John tried the same strategy on by placing advertisement on problogger through AdSense. See it here

AdSense Ad on Problogger 5 ways how Google AdSense is cheating you of cash

In the same way I can if I want place an advertisement on the above website bloggerspassion and drive his traffic to me without paying him what he could have achieved through direct advertising.

In the case of problogger Darren soon removed AdSense from his site. He was one of the biggest gainers from AdSense but when Google kicked his ass in March he decided not to reapply and the space has been well invested in ever since.

4. Google AdSense may ruin your online business

Yes it can happen as Google AdSense would place ads similar to the content you are posting which also means that AdSense may place ads of competitors on your site and they will make money off your shelves.

Consider what would happen if advertisements of Bluehost web hosting appeared on the Hostgator site. Or consider the scenario where you are running a used car sales website and  your neighbour Tim who runs the same business has his ads all over your site. For every person clicking on the ad you have the potential risk of losing thousands of dollars in cash.

5. Having AdSense all over the place depicts unprofessionalism

Your site represents you like a mirror and plastering it with AdSense ads shows unprofessionalism   on your part. It doesn’t look good on your part and if you are making money online by offering some service on your site then such a thing ruins the impression of your site amongst your customers. You may have a hard time getting any requests for services if such is the case.

However the above ruling doesn’t apply to all sites. Labnol is a site where the author discusses technology tricks, workarounds to do the things which others tell you you can’t do etc. It doesn’t  do any gadget reviews so Amazon won’t work on it, he can’t sell anything except cloud storage or SSDs and so Google AdSense can best figure out what to do with his site and he certainly is the highest AdSense earner from India.