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About me

My name is George and I call myself a passionate blogger.. For 18 months I struggled with blogging trying hard to make a single dollar online but the money never came. The reason behind it was that I was blogging in niches which were totally unprofitable.

I realized that its not enough to blog on a topic that you have interest or even traffic. See for entertainment blogs the worth of the traffic they receive is very low but its not the same for a finance blog. Niches profitable niches are what makes magic.

I know that a lot of bloggers fail to make any kind of money online, the reason is that they believe that some topics are profitable and they jump into it with a basic keyword search on Google keywords tool.

That is the worst way to start a blog and a recipe for disaster.

George About me
For 18 months I struggled and it took me 18 months to finally make sense of the web. No I am not a millionaire but I am trying my bit.

I have done all that people do to make money online like reading emails for 1 cent, clicking on ads, typing jobs; I have written 800 worded articles for $5 and basically all that which allows others to make money of fools like me.

The magic is in thinking big. The magic is in involving once in pure work. When it comes to blogging there is no one way to make money. You can get drowned in the noise. From making your own product to being an affiliate there are tons of ways but do one thing at a time.

I started blogging back in 2010, when I saw this wonderful thing called Google Adsense which could make you money if you began a blogger blog. I wrote my first post on the blogger blog and immediately applied for AdSense. Needless to say the rejection email came faster than the time in which I sent the application.

Then later in 2011 I tried again with a new blog where I made the mistake of poor niche selection. I was doing 3k to 5k pageviews per day but this is what SEMrush thought about my site.

As you can see that even this experiment was an eventful disaster. But when I started blogging about my experiences I got an awesome response from the people around me, whoever read it appreciated me.

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As I said I am not a millionaire but I have experience which I can use to help you make money online.

If you enter your e mail address below I will send you my free e book which would make the process of finding profitable niches an easy task.


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