Are you? Do you feel that you have no time for blogging? Do you think that your day is jam packed with so much stuff that its overwhelming you? If so is the case then you should cross check your daily activities to find out whether you are really blogging? Yes many times we feel that we ae doing important stuff but the reality is averse. Blogging is profession which entails so many activities that require your attention that you may actually brooding over the less important aspects of blogging. There are some addictions which come along with blogging which consume so much time that you maybe ruining your blog and eyes.

Addiction 1: Checking stats everyday every hour every minute.

I am prey to this addiction and there have been days when I would be checking stats every 15 minutes. Checking stats does not contribute anything to your blog. It wastes the time which could have been utilised for content generation or ideas. This addiction will not go away by itself unless you take some measures against compulsively checking stats every minute.

The first thing is to know that nothing important will happen within the next 1 hour to raise your stats to exponential levels. You have not invented the next big thing after Facebook. When you have realised this then you can better tame your anxiety over stats than before.

Secondly realise that you are gaining nothing by checking stats. You are not gaining visitors by checking stats. You are not earning money by doing that. There’s nothing but loss.

I was not only an addict to checking stats. I brooded over my Facebook likes, Feedburner subscription count, re tweets, comments. I checked how many times my posts were digged or shared on delicious. All of these things are time killers.

I eventually hacked my way of this addiction with a small Google chrome extension which checks my stats and displays the reports on Chrome<link>. Since the stats are always before my eyes I don’t have the urge to check them again and again. Again i just had to bury the instinct of checking all the stats like feedburner, diggs and tweets.

However if you make changes and experiment everyday then checking a detailed stats report once in a week would be sufficient.

Addiction 2 Checking my earnings

It has been truly said that money is the root of all evils and this vice can really break your blog and you. I checked how much I had every minute. It was  horrible checking all those sites how many referrals I had made, how much commission was in pending, how much was paid etc. When I finally realised how much time I was wasting on simply checking my stats and not making a single penny out of that I had to stop.

I do not do that anymore. Its such a waste of time and brings disappointment.

Addiction 3 Checking the mail 30 times a day

Yes I did that. Basically it cropped up from checking how much I had earned and many affiliate companies send a per lead report so I had to check which thing was earning me the most. i would start off at a time and basically repeat it like clock work.

I was expecting for something big to happen. When I had waited long for that and nothing happened I gave up for good.

I now check my mails only once in a day.

Addiction 4 Facebook facebook and more of Facebook

Other than wasting my time Facebook has never served me any purpose and I thank Zurkerburg for that. Everytime I go to Facebook I end up wasting an hour or so. Finally when I checked my addiction status on Facebook with an app I was shocked to see 90% and I stopped there.

Only rarely do I use Facebook now. Facebook brings the lowest leads and linked in is a tad better and very low on addiction levels.