First let’s have some stats.

According to data put forth by Content Marketing Institute, 89% of B2B marketers use content marketing while 69% say that they’re committed to content marketing.

A large majority of marketers, 45% think that they don’t expect major changes to content marketing. And probably that’s where the fallacy lies.

Marketers have upped the content marketing ante and churn out 8 times as much content as they did 5 years ago.

52% of marketers believe that blogs are important aspect for their success in 2017.

B2B marketers are producing more content than ever.

Data says that B2B content factory is producing as much as 8 times the usual number of posts.

But the hectic schedule isn’t giving them any better results.

But, to what end?

The same reports calls out that social sharing has declined even though the number of content pieces being pushed out each month is growing larger by the day.

Average content produced by B2B marketers has gone up from 600 words to 700 words. It’s just the average; there are many marketers producing longer posts and not getting much in terms of interaction.

So the end result is longer content, more content pieces but negative reach.

So how do you do more with less?

You should be able to get good results with the same volume of content if you properly leverage data to find what works.

Are all social channels equally effective?

In most cases that’s far from truth. Against this backdrop find out channels that give you the highest ROI and focus your efforts on only those channels.

Marketing content works really well across LinkedIN and Twitter from my experience. Why not dedicate 80% of your time focusing your efforts on optimizing content for LinkedIN?

Involve yourself in related Linkedin groups and spend time building a presence there.

Don’t end your marketing efforts just by posting your blog post’s url there.


In one study, Hubspot found that it gets the most shares on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Slideshare. So the content team did away with Reddit, Quora, Pinterest and Google Plus share buttons.

This not only drove more clicks and shares across platforms that were actually performing well but also helped solve the attention ratio problem. Attention ratio is the ratio of the number of elements on a page competing for attention.


Create multi-layered content

With the example of the above statistics it’s abundantly clear that b2b marketers are primarily concerning themselves only with textual content, producing longer content.

But, isn’t borne in one form. There are several forms to create engaging content. This kind of multi layered content goes beyond text and encompasses video, images and other forms.

More often business owners are aware of only one form of content since it’s the most straightforward kind: text. Video making is something people struggle with primarily because they don’t have much guidance on the aspect.


Leverage storytelling to point out the benefits of your product


Business spend money on marketing not for charity or because they have wads of cash doing nothing. The simple reason is to make more money.
The way a b2b business makes money is way different from other businesses and greatly dependent on the services you’re offering.


When you’re offering real tangible value that gets carried across the board to high level decision makers on whether to buy your product.

There’s no problem with creating content that offers additional insights into tangible value offered by you.
The problem is when you start to let that affect the quality of the content you’re creating.

There are two ways that I usually see this manifest in a B2B content marketing strategy.

That’s best done by creating a story around your content and tell that story beautifully well. A story that gets told might be through a promo video like Dollar Shaving Club did with theirs.

It immediately established them as a brand and the viral effect brought hundreds of thousands of new customers and sent their brand to the front and center of people’s minds.


Post your content on Slideshare

Slideshare is such an effective channel that it deserves its own sub-headline in this post.

The slideshare homepage gets millions of visitors each month.

The core audience consists of professionals who love data-backed content and that is what you need to be producing for Slideshare to work its magic.

With the help of a designer you can create well-designed slides that hold attention and send you leads all day long.

And the best thing is you need not go anywhere to find content. You can repurpose your old blogposts and post them as slides.


Count metrics to measure growth

Despite planning for success, success is always elusive. And since you don’t know which content is going to make an impact beforehand.

Dan Norris from WpCurve says that it’s better to get a lot of content out there and see which one of those is making an impact. Then build further content pieces based on that model.

That’s the reason why you should use metrics to measure growth.

With metrics you won’t repeat previously made mistakes again. And helps you correct your path to building content your audience likes.

What kind of metrics:

Comment engagement.

Number of shares and likes

Number of links to content.


Post effectively engaging content

Start by doing some competitor research.

Find out what kind of content works for your top-performing competitors.

How are they getting those shares?

What’s their secret weapon to build many backlinks?

If you answer those questions right you pave the way to creating engaging content.


B2B content marketing is different and tougher than ever. And there are hundreds of competitors within the same niche all clamouring for a share of the thinning pie.

Marketers face an increasing pressure to create more and more content and see that it never gives them any results.

Get out of the hamster wheel and analyze others’ strategies and build your own. Analyze your content and gather feedback to find out what your audience likes and trusts above all and you’re well on the path to succeed.