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Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

Google adsense is the most beloved monetizing option for a blogger. Anyone who comes into blogging first hears the word google adsense. I have read so many articles which provide tricks and tips for obtaining an Adsense account.

Many black hat methods that trick Google into giving us an Adsense account have come and gone. The problem with adsense is that you can’t be sure of maintaining it always, without your fault or knowledge the adsense account may get banned.

And in most cases there’s nothing that you can do about it.

People jealous of your progress may click bomb your site and you can lose AdSense account. The AdSense team may decide on a winter evening that your account has potential for invalid clicks and disable it( It has happened) and there are scores of reasons for not trusting Google.

But when one door closes many others open, actually 50 others open. I read about 50 google adsense alternatives on warrior forum.

But then to sort out the good AdSense alternatives is going to be a headache. Don’t worry, in 1 and a half years of blogging I have found out the best adsense alternatives there exist if any.

Being a person who was never approved by the Adsense team because my sites made no sense I was able to experiment with a bunch of sites which can be called as good AdSense alternatives.

Although some of these options are not as good as Adsense they do pay you and something is better than nothing.

Which are the best AdSense alternatives?


For me text link ads have become the best adsense alternative. I applied for the program and my site got rejected but then I used the contact form to ask them why and this is the reply they sent-

‘Your site didn’t qualify for our traditional text link ads mainly because we require PR3 and more traffic but it does qualify for our content marketing program. We basically write unique and relevant content for your website and that all you have to do is to publish on that site. And in addition to that we will pay you $20 each time. So that way your website gets both fresh content and you get paid.”

So I can get paid for posting content and that too for free!!

I know that many of you might not have heard of but its a network which has paid me the most and it can monetize any kind of traffic even the worst kind of traffic. basically shortens the urls and whenever someone clicks on those urls they are forced into a 5 seconds long ad.After 5 seconds they can skip it, some will go for the advertisement displayed while a good majority will skip the ad. However whenever someone is re directed to the ad page you earn a commission even if it is in the range of $.0001 per click.

The previous site I owned was a kind of entertainment site and I had adopted the site wide script which meant that if anyone visited my blog they had to see the 5 second ad before entering my site and I earned a commission.

I had upto 5k visits per day but since lot of people visited my site on mobile which did not support those java script ads I did not earn a lot of money.

The minimum payout is $5 which makes as the best adsense alternative for me. They have always paid me and in total I earned about $35 from them.

They support PayPal and Payza.

AdF ly Withdraw adf ly withdraw php Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

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2.Sponsored reviews:

You might be thinking that they are not an ad network but then anything which helps you make money is good alternative to adsense. Isn’t it. I am sure about sponsored reviews being a good alternative because even if your blog has started yesterday they are going to accept you into their network and their vast list of advertisers ensures that you will not go unpaid ever.

I receive 3 to 4 paid blogging opportunities every month through them.

Most small blogs will not have even 100 page views per month. In all such cases sponsored reviews saves the day because they accept even the tiniest of blogs which have no traffic.

The minimum pay per post is $5 out of which they take 50%. So if you earn $50 per post then they take away $25.

I will however ask you to improve your alexa ranking and page rank for receiving more paid blogging opportunities.

Sponsored reviews makes the list because you cannot go unpaid with them. They have a lot of opportunities for all kinds of bloggers and you can a lot from them.

1 Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense


I do not love this network because even though I implemented the pop ups and pop unders all I could earn with Adsgadget was only $1.42 in one whole month.

Adsgadget is really testing my patience with their limited number of advertisers.

But what I like about them is that they know their limitations and their minimum payout is $1 via PayPal

I definitely recommend it because whatever you are gonna earn you are going to get paid.

$1 mimimum payout


Clicksor is another one of the ad networks that I used and they specialise in filling every nook and corner of your site with pop ups and delicately timed pop unders.

I love the fact that they have different ad formats like

* In-line Text Ads

* Contextual Ads- colourful banner ads and more.

You get 60% of the revenue share.

They also have in text advertisements which means that if anyone hovers their mouse around the stuff that’s underlined they will be shown ads.

I earned $5 by using them for 2 months on my site. Still I think that the earning is faster than what happens in ad networks like Bidvertiser.

When I realised that the minimum payout will be reached only when I turn 40 I removed all the codes but I think that Clicksor will work with entertainment sites with huge traffic.

My blog was about free gprs tricks and it couldn’t be monetised in anyway.

110x32 2 Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

Minimum payout $50

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Infolinks is somewhat of a celebrity when it comes to being an adsense alternative. Anyone who gets a slap from adsense goes for infolinks. I am not here to add another feather to its set of reviews but just state what I feel about it as an alternative. Infolinks does not waste our ad space, that’s true but it does make our sites look ugly.

Double underlined links everywhere on our site is not a pleasant sight to look at.

But as of now Infolinks also offers some other less distractive forms of advertisement and that makes it a bit ok.

But what about the earning potential?

I started using infolinks in february 2012 and still haven’t managed to reach the payout yet.

Here’s myscreen shot of earnings

$17infolinks I Performance Report publishers infolinks com members reports Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

I thought that since I used to run a useless blog what I am experiencing maybe limited to me alone but that’s not true.

Here are the screen shots of Abhi’s earnings from Infollinks

Infolink sucks Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

When he was satisfied that he had finally reached the payout the guys over there would pay him but reaching the payout was not enough.

He has to wait for two more months before he gets the cash.

In the recent months not only did the site get a makeover but also different ad formats were introduced like the in tag ads and the wide screen sky scraper type of ads which show up when you visit from a wide screen pc.

So the earning potential has definitely increased.


Bidvertiser is another ad network which primarily displays banner advertisements. When somebody clicks on them you get a tiny slice of the profits.

I think that the number of advertisers attached with Bidvertiser are few because the pay per click is lower than Clicksor and I was not able to earn much the few days that I used them.

Sites like Bidvertiser will be extremely useful for entertainment blogs with lot of traffic.

What I love?

The minimum payout is $10 only through Paypal.

Sell your ad space with BidVertiser

Some stats about Luminate. They serve 150 million users every month and their ads get over 30 billion page views.

What’s unique about Luminate is that they are primarily image based and whenever a user attracted by the smart images hover the mouse around the image ads are displayed.

Somewhat of a quality is required in your site while adding it otherwise it would be rejected.


I like referral programs and Chitika has a referral program where they pay 10% of what your referral earns.

Chitika has been called as one of the best adsense alternatives because they rival the earning potential which one can earn with Adsense provided you have huge number of visitors.

I have have heard that they are primarily targeted towards a us based audience but they earn you well for any kind of traffic.

They support lot of ad formats and they have been able to extend themselves towards mobile platforms too.

I have recently tested their beta mobile apps form of advertisement and they work well.

  • List Unit
    The Chitika List Unit (CLU) are like mobile ads but they automatically adjusts their height according to the browsers they are in. Work very well on I pad and other smart phones.
  • Mobile Code
    Advertisements designed to be shown on mobile content.
  • Pay per call Ads
    They also have cpa ads which is by far not seen on ad networks. These are ‘action based’ ads which have a very high payout of between $2 and $20 per action. The local ads have a high action rate by local viewers and hence they pay well. Sadly lot of local ads are not available for all traffic.

    9.Affinity ads are a new addition to the ad networks and they pay via Paypal.

    10.AdBrite is specialized to sell advertisements on your web site by displaying a banner ad on your site

    11.Buysell ads:

    FireShot Screen Capture 068 Buy Ads I BuySellAds buysellads com Best Adsense alternatives, sites really like Google adsense

    I kept buysell ads for the last because not all sites get accepted by them . Even I have a lot of work to do.

    Buysell ads do not accept all kinds of sites into their network.

    If you have a very good site with lots of RSS subscribers( minimum 100), a minimum page rank of 3, yahoo backlinks, shares on, Digg etc only then they will accept you. When you submit your site on Buysell ads they fetch all the parameters like Google Page Rank, Alexa rank , Technorati rank etc .

    You can rent the space on your website to advertisers with Buy sell ads and they keep 25% of the commission.

    I will keep on updating this list as I find more and more best AdSense alternatives to Google Adsense



  1. Well, I’m currently using Luminate, Infolinks but never go with the chikita. but Google Adsesne and BuySellAds these are the best source to brought me very nice income. Are you sure Chikita is best ? because I’ve found many negative reviews out there.

    • George

      Chitika is comparitevely better than others for indian and asian traffic, given the different types of monetization programs that they offer. Use chitika for a month and see it makes a difference in your earnings.

  2. I have tried sponsored reviews and infolins but not the all you mentioned in your post. By The way I am going to try them now as I have lots of positive feedbacks from the alternatives you said here.

    Thanks for your recommendation!

    • George

      Yes try and see. I have even showed the income proofs from most of these networks

  3. Thanks for the information. at least we have something in case google get us banned. When you get ban from google adsense, it is like losing a good job.Things will be a bit easier if you can find a new job with low pay.and like you said, something is better than nothing.This is exactly what the adsense alternatives are going to do.

    • George

      Very true Iteire. Its really like losing a good job and something is always better than nothing. Nowadays i mainly focus on affiliate marketing like promoting the kind of stuff that I use, say aweber. Have you got any adsense alternative that i can use? Don’t forget to sign up to my list

  4. i think you have missed adbrite here which is the oldest adsense alternative

  5. candycardinal

    thanks for sharing..i wanna try the other for my website

  6. Hi George, Great list of adsense alternatives bro. I feel Luminate, Infolinks and Buysell ads are the best Adsense alternatives. Thanks for Sharing 🙂

  7. Dhealthtips

    Thanks for your insightful post. I have been looking for alternatives to adsense. because i am having difficulty getting my adsense approved by google. thanks once again for sharing

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