Exactly 16 years ago a company was established with the singular aim of providing value to its customers at affordable rates. Bluehost was born

When it comes to hosting websites I trust only two hosting companies one of them is Hostgator and the other one is Bluehost. The reason for that is I have heard that much good opinion about them from quarters I trust.

Hostgator has given me great uptime, has hosted my sites without any trouble for all these months, the customer support was especially kind to me when I messed up and just two days earlier when my site went down with an error in the functions file( which I had caused myself), the extremely easy to use c panel saved me out of the crisis.

I have heard similar reports from Bluehost too, they have the best uptime in the industry, they provide only the best shared hosting, great customer support, easy to use c panel… Lets break down all that we can experience from Bluehost one by one.

Bluehost review 2012: The cheapest hosting solution

Bluehost is the cheapest hosting provider. Lets compare it to hostgator. in Hostgator we can either have the 25 % discount or the 1 cent coupon. If we apply the penny coupon we get hosting at 1 cent but for the rest of our life the price is $8.95 per month. If we apply the 25% off coupon then for a maximum of three years the price is $4.95 per month but after 3 years its $8.95.

When it comes to Bluehost the price with this link is $3.95 per month (limited time cyber monday) for a maximum of three years and the price after that $6.95 per month for the rest of the hosting period.

Bluehost features:

One free domain

Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space

99.9% uptime and it lives up to it

Bluehost gives us the advantage of hosting multiple sites under one account unlike Hostgator which has a hatchling plan which supports only one domain and the baby plan which supports multiple domains but with a slightly higher cost.

Bluehost is the fastest growing hosting network.

SSL support, supports creation of e commerce sites, supports scripts and also allows development in open source languages like Joomla, Drupal etc.

Supports video streaming, audio streaming, real media, flash media, Ruby on Rails (ROR), CMS, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, forum, ecommerce website, project management, blog, classified, directory, survey, mailing list, live chat, wiki site, real estate site, social network, RSS etc. New scripts are added every now and then. Over 50 plus scripts are supported now.

24/7 phone support, live chat support, and email ticketing support. If you have any problem with any feature then please contact the customer support.

Easy to use CPanel with Fantastico & Simple Scripts installer.

ANYTIME Money Back Guarantee.

Free domain name when you signup Bluehost hosting.

Free SSH shell access.

Free shared SSL certificate and support ecommerce hosting.

Free search engine submission, if we so it manually we are not only going to waste our time and energy but also money. Bluehost takes care of this.

Bluehost server software:

With free hosting you experience a very big problem and that is of not getting the latest software around which makes them vulnerable to hackers but with Bluehost the server software is Apache HTTP server V 2.2.17 and OpenSSL V 0.9.8 e.

Bluehost c panel and demo cpanel

Bluehost has an easy to use c panel and it gives anyone without creating an account trial access to its c panel. You can test drive all the functionalities and get to know the exact user experience with Bluehost by first using its trial version. No one in the entire industry does that, to my knowledge and I am sure you will love it.

FireShot Screen Capture 051 Bluehost cPanel blewhost com login bluehost com frontend bluehost index html 300x153 Bluehost review 2016

Bluehost wordpress hosting:

You all know that wordpress is used by professional bloggers the world over and its the most preferred blogging platform. Now let me tell you that WordPress recommends Bluehost hosting.. To install WordPress sites there is a special icon of wordpress on the bluehost c panel. Again you do not see that in all c panels.

Open Source Hosting with bluehost

Open source software is gaining in popularity. Options include Joomla, Drupal, and more! With open source you get a higher quality product that is more flexible and less expensive.

Thus all in all Bluehost is the cheapest hosting provider and provides the comfort which cannot be found in any other host, has excellent uptime too.

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