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Can you really make money blogging?

As A blogger sometimes I doubt myself whether its really possible to make money online.

There have been so many failures with me and maybe so many of you that you may have started doubting whether its really possible to make money online or via blogging.

I think that the problogger article on Can you make money blogging was timely. Darren Rowse has been blogging for the past 10 years and of those 10 years it was only the first year that he did not make money.

First it was chump change, then it took on the form of a part time profession making me $1000 to $2000 per month, later on it became a full time profession and now a business that employs others. See the transition.

Seeing all these things done he says that its really possible making money blogging.

But the learning does not come easy, the terrain is not smooth. I wish that when I had started blogging someday told me how to blog or what to blog about or how to make blogging profitable?

If it were the case I wouldn’t have wasted 18 months of my time on a non profitable niche but then I had to learn the hard way.

The rules of the make money blogging game has changed as the competition is rising faster than ever and almost every profitable niche is doomed with cut throat competition.

We need to learn a new way of blogging which involves having a business plan for our blogs, launching our own products and going into novel ways of monetization.

When thinking about business plan I wish someday had told me at the start itself what a business plan was and why was it required for blogs.

If you want to make money with your blog then you need to treat it as a business and consistently give out the best.

What Brian of copy blogger says about making money blogging is this-

“Give to your readers every single day. Give for free, give a lot, and when you can’t really think of more to give, give some more. Then, occasionally put out a small offer, and a few of your readers will thank you for your work by joining in.”

After giving away a lot of free information you can expect your readers to show gratitude to you.

So can you really make money blogging?

Now Jane of probloggingsuccess gave me an e book which she had written on “ can I really make money blogging?’

I was shocked to see that all the tiny nuggets of information which i had learnt in all those lonely months was there and even more.

If you are a person who has just started out blogging and still wondering where all the money is then this e book is the perfect one for you.

Me and Jane have a lot of things in common which I understood while I read the e book.

For starters both of us have done virtually everything that people do to earn money online. We have both read paid e mails for $.05 or less, clicked on ads for money, wrote articles for pennies, joined paid to get websites, have done numerous surveys and then fell in love with blogging.

With over 6 years of experience in the online world she is really a master at what she does and I have no trouble in recommending her e book to people who are starting out.You need it more than you need hosting.

What you should never do to make money online? She has vented it out against all those bloggers who never try to build trust with their readers and fake it till they make it.

What is there in Can I really make money blogging?

*Kim Roach of buzzblogger makes 95% of her online income through her list.
If you have seen any of her articles you would be astounded at the quality of them and she makes only 5 % of her income from the blog.


Lot of bloggers would tell you that you need to build a list and also suggest auto responders to you but no one, not one will tell you what exactly to do with the list that everyone tells you to build.

Jane addresses the specific question and answers it to my satisfaction.

After reading this e book you will know absolutely what to do with your list. What kind of emails to send people in the beginning and what kind of offers to promote.

Your list is very special.

And Jane will tell you how to do email marketing.

*Selling your services, taking quote of your talents

Where to find affiliate programs and how can you promote your own offer?

I did not know that there were so many market places where you can host your own affiliate products and places where you can find affiliate products to promote.

Gone are the days when you could sit on someone else’s affiliate programs and make a bucket load of cash.

Jane tells you how to leverage your blog’s potential and yours to make a full time living online.

And a lot more…

What I did not like about Jane’s e book?

I am attempting a completely honest review here.

There are a few things that I did not like about Jane’s a book and the most important one was how she deals with keyword research and finding profitable niches.

Now the way she has approached that newbies may not be able to find a profitable niche.

I wish she had included a case study which would have made things easier for everyone.

Secondly this e book is not for everyone.

If you haven’t made much money online and still waiting to break the ice then this e book is God sent for you.


If you think that list building is just sending out as much spam as possible, or sending out every offer that finds your eyes then this e book is for you.

Email marketing is dealt in depth in her book.

MakeMoneyBlogging3D cover2 Can you really make money blogging?

Get it here  ( non affiliate link)


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