Its my habit to go through other blogs in my niche and tech blogs and frequently comment on all the blogs that I visit. Yesterday I happened to read the monthly income report of one blog. I decided to congratulate the particular chap and while reading the comments of other bloggers on the topic I noticed one comment from a blogger with a tech blog. He said that he had similar traffic stats but his earnings from the blog were garbage. On the contrary he was astounded to find someone earning that much money from a blog with only 1000 pageviews per day.

I went to the particular blog to see the advertisements he had placed and the kind of content that he was writing. It was a tech blog which included reviews of latest android gadgets, tech tips, android apps and their download links.

The site too was very good but the affiliate links on his blog were that of HostGator webhosting discount coupons. I couldn’t find many ads maybe because his site wasn’t yet approved by Google AdSense. Whatever maybe the case the site taught me some important lessons on monetizing content and placing ads and choosing what kind of niche to start blogging.

FireShot Screen Capture  003 My Monthly Income and Traffic Report for July 2012 bloggerspass3 Case study: Why one blogger made $1271 and another garbage with the same traffic?

I make money online by telling others how to make money online

If you haven’t heard it before then let me tell you that this statement comes from It tells us that his is a ‘ do it yourself blog’. A site which has practical tips on making money online.

He can place affiliate links of clickbank products related to the money making industry online and with the kind of traffic he has its sooner sold than told. The blog that I had visited was a ‘do it yourself blog’ with each post containing tips on building a blog and making money online.

A DIY blog gives immense scope for selling things because people always find that they lack something. DIY blogs create a need and that’s why they are successful on selling affiliate products.

The right kind of products

If the Diy blog above had placed affiliate links of cameras or insulin shots then I doubt he would have made any money at all. On the other hand if the tech blog had put up affiliate links of the phones that he was writing about then its possible that he could have made some sales.

People coming on his blog are looking for and are interested in gadgets and if they are in the mood they might decide to buy it then and there seeing the review and pictures. But instead he placed HostGator discount coupons. Those coupons are good for a blog on blogging and making money online. But his site neither makes money online nor targets bloggers. For you to make money online you need to place ads which make sense with your audience!