The infographic on Content Marketing KPIs explains visually that content can boost your traffic, and if you want to know more about Content Marketing KPIs, please read the blog Important Content Marketing KPIs That Can Predict the Success of Your CampaignInfographic Content marketing tips for 2019

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Content marketing for 2019 needs a need twist that wasn’t seen before in 2018.

Content definitely has gone for an upswing in this age and scenario with companies churning out content more than ever.

In 2019 the daily dosage of content has only gone up and not down. But there’s not much promotion going on. Most blog posts don’t get links or much traffic either.

Content should get all these things and also generate revenue. It doesn’t do all that good without any of these things.

So here’s what you must do for better content marketing.

Benefits of Content Marketing

Content marketing Generates leads

One of the most dominant effects of content marketing is it’s highly useful when it comes to generating leads. You can grab the attention of the prospect, educate and inform him too.

The audience is going to be by your back with all the great content you produce.

  1. Higher visibility in Google: A site that doesn’t invest in content doesn’t get near as much visibility as one that consistently puts out one great content piece after the other.

COntent on a daily basis causes crawlers to visit your site more often thus encouraging Google to index it better and climb up rankings.

  1. More Social Traffic: It’s a given that the content you produce will be shared on social media channels as well. When you share more content the traffic from social media channels will increase progressively.

You get higher engagement more number of followers from social media and better quality traffic as well.

Considering everything when you push out more content there will be equal growth in your brand’s perception across the board.

  1. Do more and more Content Remarketing: Produce quality content at a higher frequency than you did in 2018.

This should be followed up by promoting the content you created. Without remarketing you would never be able to reach your intended goals. Good quality content should definitely go before the right people with the help of content remarketing. When you add people visting your site to the remarketing list you should be able to add them to the advertiser list and show them targeted ads intended to provide a conversion.

You should bring current visitors and users back to content they liked. That way you will be able to grab their attention once again and probably get conversions as well.

  1. Do Keyword Research before Content Production: When you don’t focus on keywords in your content the odds of ranking well go down.

Without targeted keywords rankings are a hit and miss.

With the right amount of SEO you can rank for quality content. This needs targeted keyword research and consequent content production.

  1. Try to give answer to the complex questions: Long tail keywords are going to be the future of SEO. And the only way you might find yourself proofing against this big change is by adapting to it.

THis helps you drive tons of traffic to your site.

THe key is simple. Find topics that people are facing problems with and solve those issues as best as you can and are able to.